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PostSubject: Vizards Incharge   Vizards Incharge I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 7:05 am

Vizard Overseer: fangkingagito1

Vizard Prince: LostCaptain

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PostSubject: Mitsuki Norichi   Vizards Incharge I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 10:15 pm


Shinigami sheet:
Norichi Mitsuki
looks 21 really 175
Deep Blue
Eye color:
Little to no Defense
Similar to Ichigo's Bankai outfit.
Similar to Ichigo's Bankai outfit.
Black shoes that look like socks
Gigai Clothing:
Top: Black
Black Tanktop
Black pants
Shoes: Regular Shoes

but intelligent
cockiness, over/under estimation.
Zanpakuto’s name:

Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance:
A regular zanpaktou with a sharp tip. The Hamon of the blade has a dark purple color to it , why that color? To this day it is still unknown. The blade itself was apparently made from an unknown substance. The guard of the blade is a black and white angel wing making a perfect circle and a line like a feather from each wing forms in the center where the blade begins from. The hilt is wrapped up in a black sash like material, the tip of the hilt not tied leaving the sash like material's ends to move around freely.

Shikai release words:
Fade into darkness

Shikai appearance:
The Zanpaktou is dropped down, the blades tip first as it hits against the ground as it slowly sinks within the ground as if it was water. The ground will give off a ripple effect and the blade will form a shadow and it will move into Norichi's shadow, Norichi's shadow will gain yellow eyes, as now the Zanpaktou is Norichi's own shadow.

Main Shikai Abilities:
The main Shikai ability allows Norichi to use the shadows as portals. Norichi can send any projectile of energy or physical through one shadow and out the other. Also Norichi is allowed to surf within the shadow himself. Another ability is that Norichi's own shadow can manifest itself at Norichi's will and be used as a shadow source , but once summoned Norichi will be unable to move.

Shikai abilities:
Kuro Shuuken(Dark Blade waves) - Can shoot out blade waves from shadows.

Hashira Mei(Dark Pillars) - Slams fist to the ground and from the ground going upwards a dark energy wave is shot up following a trail towards the enemy. With each turn it grows larger, the maximum it reaches is seven. so seven shots that follow a trail towards the enemy each time getting bigger.

Kurotama(dark sphere) - Sends a large dark energy sphere which explodes on contact.

Yume Hateshinai(Endless Dream) - Sends off an illusion to the enemy that seems like an eternity within the darkness, no light, its like walking with your eyes closed. For a mere second which feels like an eternity to the enemy. It is very breakable, if by any chance the enemy somehow manages to get light inside the darkness the illusion will cancel out, or rather send pain to the nerves which will send waves to your brain telling that the enemy is in an illusion.

Bankai Name:
Oukoko no Shitsunen(Kingdom of Oblivion)

Bankai Appearance:
Unknown for now


Norichi has had a great family life, trained under his evil uncle he grew somewhat evil and used. Once his uncle formed an army and attacked Norichi was the one who stopped him dead at his tracks and faced him to the death. At the final blow Norichi's father took the final blow for NOrichi and died. Norichi grew enraged and killed his uncle not to long after. After some time news reached Norichi that his mother was killed and he grew enraged, he know is on a journey to find the killer of his mother. Waiting for the day he gets his vengeance and comes back to his soon to be wife Hitoku who is pregnant with his son/daughter.
Add on Vizard:
Mask appearance: Neck Up only is the mask - -

Mask abilities:
Different Types of Cero

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PostSubject: Re: Vizards Incharge   Vizards Incharge I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 8:43 pm


Name: Oratosa Keihime
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 20, been around for nearly 604 years
D.O.B: 1st June
Height: 5’4
Weight: 55kg
Occupation: Vizard
History: Oratosa Keihime was a pure hearted woman, who held an unreachable dream; to help every soul be they whole or hollow find peace.

She was born into the soul society and was the daughter of Oratosa Kibu; the head of their family. The Oratosa household is party to numerous souls who have risen in the ranks of the shinigami and become legends. After her fathers passing her elder brother Oratosa Keiki became the leader, at a tender age of 16 (of course he was well over the age in duration standards) Kibu had raised his son for greatness, and Keiki rose to be a fine shinigami, yet Keihime however was a different story.

His beloved daughter had held the appearance of her late mother, who had died at child birth. Leading many to believe that giving birth in a gigai could be hazardous, Keihime had never been told that she was a cause of her mothers death, while Kibu himself simply covered it up with a ‘It was her time to be reborn as a human’ speech. Kibu tried to raise his daughter from the difficulties of battle and war, hunger and suffering, he wanted to keep her pure as the day she was born.

Keihime had never had any prior intentions to join the shinigami of the gotei 13, her heart was set on merely playing beautiful music. She was given a bamboo flute and soon became a master, loving nothing more then sharing her feelings with others by song. However one day she had went with her bother to so she could play her songs in front of his friend Jin and hopefully they could form a relationship to better the clan, but on the way there, Keihime had witnessed her first true outlook on life.

They were walking through Rukongai district, and witnessed a fight between a citizen and a newly graduated shinigami, who seemed to take his new position alittle to highly. In short the whole was beaten badly, such a sight should not be witnessed, for he looked barely recognizable, Keihime had wandered on ahead getting to know a small child while her brother was left behind, but he had caught up as soon as the shinigami was about to commit a horrible crime. Keiki drew his own zanpuktou and defeated the smug shinigami, he had discovered that the new shinigami had attacked this man because he accidently bumped into him and did not apologize.

While glancing over at his sister, Keiki embraced her to shield her from the gore and violence, she was distraught and had never thought someone could be so cruel. After that day, Keihime went on regular walks into the lesser districts seeing how the higher classes treated the lower left her feeling sick. None should act that way towards others. Keihime and her brother had been taught to set great examples, and be shining lights for those who needed help, and it was here that she decided to become a shinigami, in an act to save everyone, to show the other shinigami how they should act properly and save every soul she could to allow them to be sent to rest in peace.

Throughout her years in the academy, she had helped many to better themselves, and she could see that such smugness was gone. With this bit completed, she could try to graduate and soon help others who need her.

Keihime was skilful enough to be placed into the 1st division, which only her brother had once been in. She rose to third seat, and went on various missions. However everytime she had to fight, she could see that poor soul back in rukongai, and always hesitated. She was scared to fight, there was always a part inside her that could rise up and be just like that heartless one, she hated causing others pain, but knew that she would have to inflict pain onto the hollows for a brief moment so they can be judged, and either be cleansed or sent to hell.

As time went by Keihime was sent on a solo mission to Karakura town where she encountered a Vizard. She had been told stories a thow they could not be trusted and how their abilities could bring ruin to sei rei tei, so she began a pursuit, not to defeat, but to find out more. The two encountered hollows, and as all seemed to be lost, yet another Vizard appeared; this one was strikingly more different than the other. His appearance, his posture, even the way he moved seemed to bring about some sort of longing in everyone. She did not know that this Vizard (The Vizard prince Norichi) and the other (Kyte) would later be the ones who saved her from a menos attack, by turning her into one of them, she had escaped her journey to the next plain of existence.

Currently she stays in one of Mitsuki Norichi’s mansions, still trying to hold onto that dream of peace, yet also now, protecting the humans. However after the failed attempt of execution by her own uncle Oratosa Jai, to keep the family honour she now awaits the day when Keiki would come to kill her…


• Picture: Vizards Incharge Keihime___Bleach_OC_Request_by_malkavianzell
Physical: Keihime is a very swift girl, possessing a lightweight body and nice luscious curves. While many women posses that quality to want large breasts, Keihime however differs she herself has breast which are not big, yet not small either; the perfect size. Hailing from a noble family Keihime is always seen standing in an upright and straight position, having the perfect posture, if she hunches or anything similar you know something mentally or physically would be doing her harm. Her body itself is somewhat pear shaped, she does have long piano fingers though and her skin so pale as snow seems to only illuminate her bright emerald eyes.
Eyes: {Green} as bright as emeralds, holding an all knowing gaze.
Hair: {Black} Very long, it reaches down behind her knee caps once down, but is almost always seen pulled back in a high ponytail with several free strands of her hair weaving around the initial ponytail giving it an elaborate pattern. Her fringe is parted to her right side.
Garments: {Top} a tank top which is white with lace trimming and thing lace straps. {Pants} Black three quarter tights. Sometimes she wears black rectangular glasses which act as a mere fashion statement because she can see perfectly.


Personality: Keihime is a rare creature in all senses. Many people these days do not mind violence and have been grown up in it. However she was raised devoid of such things, and thus, when she first witnessed it, she could not bear it. She disdains fighting all together but will fight only to send those souls so they can find peace. She is a kind woman, yet can be somewhat quiet. Although when she speaks her voice is simply like that of an angels, and nearly always presented in a whisper.
Likes: Nice tranquil places to relax, Simplicity, peace, a challenge of the minds.
Dislikes: Fighting, people who force themselves down upon her and those who assume they are correct, without knowing anything.
Strengths: speed, agility, resilience, resourceful, light weight defence
Weaknesses: strength, heavy defence, stamina


Name: Manten Gensou {Illusion}
Spirit appearance: Manten Gensou appears in the form of an ethereal woman. Appearing to imitate Keihime’s appearance, however her eyes and hair are both snow white like her skin, wearing a white torn dress. Manten Gensou does not have the ability to speak to Keihime, because she has no voice, so the two seem to communicate by emotion or physical gestures. However if it is something important Manten Gensou can touch Keihime and send her a vision of what she means. It is suggested that Manten Gensou inherited this ability from a long line of seers which would explain her ethereal demur.
Sealed state appearance: A Katana, white sheath and hilt
Shikai release: ‘Come forth and return to our worlds Obake Manten Gensou {Spectre Illusion}’
Shikai appearance: Manten Gensou takes on the form of two double souba blades, identical to eachother however one is white while the other is black, suggesting that the two could represent both Manten Gensou and Keihime.
Shikai abilities: {Maboroshi Feizu (Phantom Phase)}: Her blades appear almost transparent as they glow an eerie white, this allows her blades to fade in and out of existence i.e. once it is activated Keihime’s blades can move through any object without a higher concentration of spiritual energy then Manten Gensou’s own, while is it does hold spiritual energy either the same or greater then Manten Gensou she is only able to move through it partially.
Bankai release: Ukiyo Shirohato Genkaku {Fleeting Dove hallucination}
Bankai appearance: {Whip Chain} Iron steel Whip Chains are constructed of chrome plated steel with 4-ring links and 3 inch sections. It has 11 sections measuring 55 inches in all
Bankai abilities: {Maboroshi Shinshoku (Phantom fading truth)} A more potent phantom fading ability, which does allow her weapon to move through anything.

{Rasen Kanka (Spiral Separation of world)} In this ability Keihime’s chain sever from their bonds and are spread out along the ground in a spiral shape, with Keihime in the centre. If you try to enter this spiral, they emit a shock into the ground they send transparent ghostly clones of themselves under it and they shot up at you from below, both swiftly and unexpectedly. Once done she has no weapon to defend herself, however she can call the severed sections of the chains back to her, and move them at will.

{Shibomu Youma Atsu (Fading ghost force)}: For only an instant this can make Keihime completely transparent just as her blades, but only for a second, two if she plans on killing herself. This ability puts a tremendous amount of pain on her body, although it allows her to pass through something, this can only be done once every 3 months (because it takes that long for her to recover) and she will be rendered virtually useless. This is mostly used when she needs to escape a fatal blow.


Bakudo~Way of Binding:

- Bakudo #1 Sai (Restrain) - Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.
- Bakudo #4 hainawa (Crawling Rope) - An energy rope entangles a target's arms.
- Bakudo #9 Geki (Strike) - Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them.
- Bakudo#61 Rikujokoro (Six Rods Prison of Light) - Summons six wide beams of energy that slam into the opponents mid-section holding them in place.
- Bakudo#81 Danku (Splitting Void) - Summons an energy barrier in
rectangular shape capable of stopping up to Level #89 Hadou Spells.
Hado~ Way of Destruction:

- Hado #1 Sho (thrust) – Pushes the target away from the caster.
- Hado #4 Byakurai (White Lightning) - Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger.
- Hado #33 Sohkatsui (Blue Fire Crash Down) – Fires a wave of blue energy at the target.


Mask appearance: Seems to be in the appearance of a teardrop, completely white with green swirls going along it.
Mask abilities: Increased speed, recover time.
Hollow powers: Shunpo, Cero, Gran Rey Cero


• The Oratosa clan is one of the few shinigami families who actually give birth to souls, while many would adopt beings into their family, the Oratosa clan stays purely by the bloodline.
• The Oratosa clan is a noble and truthful family, if one of their own has betrayed the soul society, they will eliminate their own brethren to keep their family honourable.
• Keihime continues to play the flute and while being a master at it, she is currently teaching herself to play the piano while finding the large instrument in Norichi’s manner.
• Jin; the nobleman that Keihime could’ve had a life with, still seems to hold some desires for her. Unknown to her, she might encounter him one day soon.
• After the failure of Oratosa Jai’s attempt to kill his own niece, the duty to execute Keihime falls to her older brother Keiki; the leader of their household.
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