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PostSubject: THE LEADER   THE LEADER I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 7:15 am

Bounto Commander: ShinigamiPrince
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PostSubject: Re: THE LEADER   THE LEADER I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 7:47 am

Name: Alric Clovis

Age: 1065

Sex: M

Appearance: Has a small build light brown skin and would be considered beutiful by most men and women.Has a musculer build for his thin looking body and has a proper and etiqute feel from him.His eyes themself look weary though as someone who has seen to much and just wanders through life like a ghost.

Hair: Black short curly brown hair.

Eye color: Light Hazel Green

Height: 5,9

Weight: 165

Distinguishing marks:

Clothing: His clothing is mainly expensive suits and ties.His shoes themselves are proper and he always has to be spotless.Out of his favourite is a red suit with a black tie.Around his neck is a necklace with a hanging pendent on it and one small gold scorpian resembling tail.Inside the pendent is a picture of a very buetiful spanish women inside of it that looks to be 21 but it is black and white.

Personality: Alric seems somewhat cold when he speaks to others and he himself is like that becuase he is to honest and just says everything straitforwerd even though they might not want to here it.You might have the impression that he doesn't care but he does and has his own unique way of showing it.Being cold is one of them but he will help mostly and it will be unnotcied.He doesn't like to brag at all and likes to get straight to the point. Also has strong analiytical,obserbving skills.Will ignore you if you annoy him.

Likes: very little and he himself isn't sure about what he likes.

Dislikes: Having to see his own people wither away and his own actions that he has taken.

Weakness: Alrincs abilities are great for hand to hand and has good speed but since he is a human he wouldn't be able to take as much damage as shinigami,or hollow

Skills: Becuase Alric has lived for a very long time he has mastered many languages,fighting stlyes, and has mastered many musical instruments although his favorite seems to be the violen.

History: There were many happeness and even greater sadness from Alrics life.Ever since he was born a bounto he has had to suffer more hardships then the rest of the reguler humans should have.He himself was cast out from his own village by his freinds and family when he had found out about his powers.Having met these betrayels he had to begin questioning human intentions and had to realize by himself if he had to trust them or not.When he had found other bountos he stayed with them and had found comfort in the knowledge that he was not alone.He was there when the shinigamis came down and proposed the plan to move them all to soul society.When they came back and started slaughtering many of his clan men he fought against them it was there he realized that it wasn't just humans that couldn't be trusted it was everyone.For his fallen brothers and sisters he fought bravely but lost.He himself thought he died but he was carried out by another bounto called Shiro.Those two became freinds quickly and where together.Alric was the brains and Shiro was the muscle.They learn to protect each other when no one else would.But later when the bountos had decided to go to the soul society again Alric had decided not to go while Shiro left to fight with the other bountos.Alrics point of view was that the bountos had no need for the shinigami for help and that the bountos alone could make a paradise on earth for themselves.He tried to convince the others but it fell on death ears to him.Being no where near the battle becuase he had no interest in it he finnally decided to join when the battle was over.Finding that his family had been slain in a battle with the quincy and ambushed by the shinigami he came to hate himself for his inability to help his freind and allowing his breatheren to die.The truth waa that there was no way for the battle to have changed if he was there but he couldn't help but think that if he was there it would have had a better outcome.He looked for surviving bountos in the battle and too see if there where any more left in the world.He became cold and uncaring as time passed by and sought comfort in learning music.The only living things that he felt attached to was his violin and his doll.But then he grew more famous as a violinist in the old world and was traveling through Spain.Over in one of the concerts a young noble lady named Edily Luna became entranced by his music that she had to see more of him.Alric came more and more amused by her and he somehow learned how to trust again.But later there was a war happening within Spain.When the city become attacked by soldiers Edily died from a ships canon fire.Alric becoming enraged by this killed off the soldiers in his path and took her body far away.He thought again that it was becuase of his weakness that his lover had died.He swore to never again let his inability hurt his love ones so from that day forwerd he worked on his origional plan of making a paradise for his bounto people.When America came forth he was one of the new inhabitants.He made a large trading business in 1858 called Alric industries.As times grew his business expanded into every type of venture as in cars, boats,weapons and the construction of the panama canal.But in the 1950s when he expanded his business into Japan he had come to a discovery that his friend Shiro was not dead as he had imagined.But soon enough he found out that his friend had a great deal of hatred towerds him.As a battle grew it was apparent that there freindship was at an end all becuase of his inaction to go with his freind that day.Shiro is still alive to this day but is a living nightmare of Alrics past that he hopes he can ammend with.As of today he puts a strong face forwerd but inside he holds too much sadness.

Dolls name: *summoning words Zeige Dich* Erde

Dolls appearance: The doll is a 4 ft tall 7 ft long scorpian that is made out of earth.It is made up of many rocks and dirt

Dolls abilities: The dolls abilities are to control earth.Also when it is destroyed as in bashed or sliced it will go into pieces of earth and can rebuild itself to it's origional form.The is a bright yellow stone it it's body that it reassembles around.When it is in it's complete form it can move the stone in it's body around as to not show it's weakness

Dolls weakness: The doll weakness is that when it is drenched in water it cannot reassemble when it is bashed,also it cannot move the stone in it's body around seeing as the doll has a much harder time to move around.Ice also works a little better on this doll.

Dolls fused form:Alric and his doll fuse together and his body becomes that of earth.He gains a scorpian tail.and can make claws on his hands if he wishes.He also has the ability of controling earth
Twisted Evil

And for all of you I'm a va bounto lover so yay ASK ME QUESTIONS SINCE I KNOW WHAT TO DO Twisted Evil
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