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PostSubject: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 7:16 am

Quincy sheet:

Distinguishing marks: (such as scars and such)

Head wear: (if any)
Hand wear: (if any)
Shoes: (if any)


Bow’s name:
Bow’s power:
Skills: (such as speed or accuracy)


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PostSubject: Izayami Getsuhana (Hana)   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 10:12 am

Quincy sheet:

Name: Izayami Getsuhana (Hana)

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Appearance: Girl down to the right.
Hair: Long and dark-blue/black
Eyes: She usually looks sort of angry, and because of that people cannot see the real color of her eyes that often. Actually, her eyes has a soft beautiful cyan color, but people can only see it clearly when she smiles, something which is rare.
Height: 5,6 ft // 170 cm
Weight: 121 pounds // 58 kg
Distinguishing marks: None

Clothing: She usually wear her school uniform, though when not wearing that she wears:
Head wear: Nothing
Shirt: Usually she wears a black shirt, but sometimes she can be seen wearing a yellow or orange top that actually makes her look really cute.
Hand wear: Around her wrist she wears a silver armband, which has a several crosses on it. This armband used to be her mother's, when she was still alive, and it is the most precious thing she has.
Pants: A black skirt.
Shoes: Normal white jogging shoes, nothing special.

Personality: She acts cold around people usually, and doesn't want to be seen smiling or crying. She hates being seen like that and thinks it is embarrassing. She is actually a very caring and sweet girl, but hides it by not showing her feelings to other people. She grew up being spoiled and always protected by her father, and may seem very anti-social at times.
Likes: Being alone, being with friends. She doesn't really know what she likes, and what she hates. She usually just stays quiet, trying to figure out what she really wants, how she feels. There is atleast one thing she knows she loves, but she never wants to admit that either. Her plushies.
Dislikes: Being alone, being with friends. She doesn't really know what she likes, and what she hates. She usually just stays quiet, trying to figure out what she really wants, how she feels.

Weakness: She often hides how she feels, and doesn't even like to fight. She gets scared easily and would avoid seeing her own blood even if it meant to turn against her own friends. She also never wanted to train as a Quincy with her father, and haven't mastered her powers that much at all.

Bow’s name: Yata's Spiegel
Bow’s power: The bow is made out of spirit energy, colored yellow in a form that resembles the shape of a traingle. The traingle makes it look more like a crossbow then a bow, though it is held the same way as a bow. In the middle of the triangle there is a thin layer of spiritual energy that reflects everything like a mirror. It can be used as a shield against spiritual attacks. On the bow there are several pearls, black and white. These pearls contain spiritual energy, and the bow is always making new ones. The white pearls usually have a defensive ability, and the black ones have an offensive ability. 24 hours after use, new pearls will be formed. It is also possible to shoot the pearls together with the arrows shot with the bow.

Skills: Her accuracy is as good as any Quincy, yet her speed is pretty much the same as most other normal people. Although she's always the fastest runner in the 60 meter dash in gym class, and besides being the fastest runner at her school, she's like a snail compared to other Quincy.

History: Born into a rich family, she was an only child who were spoiled as much as she could be by her father. She loved her mom, a beautiful woman whom always was nice to her, no matter what she did or said. Because of being loved so much by her mother, and spoiled so much by her father, she was never really disciplined, and became rather rude and always acted superior around others, even her elders. When she was only 5 years old, her father told her about her Quincy heritage. She wasn't especially interested in what he told her, being able to see spirits, manifesting a bow out of spiritual energy and shoot arrows, it just wasn't what she wanted to do. She just wanted to be with her friends and play, like a normal kid.

Her father kept saying that he'd buy her anything if she'd just train together with him, to master her powers as a Quincy. Sometimes, she'd do this in order to get money from him so she could buy something she wanted.

Once, she walked outside, alone as usual. She was a teenager, and it became harder to get friends whom she could trust. Back when she was a kid, she could play with anyone, everyone was friends. Now... Everyone who got to know her always ended up calling her a rude spoiled brat. She didn't like being all by herself, but since no one wanted to be with her, that's how it was. She became shy around people because of this, not talking that often and she often seemed angry for no reason.

Often, Hana and her mother used to walk together outside. Her mother was pregnant, a little baby boy. She was already five months into the pregnancy term. Hana always laughing at the thought of getting a little brother soon, she thought it would be really fun. But that short season of happiness did not last for long, as one day while going down the street, it had begun to rain and a storm was coming closer. Hana was holding an umbrella, but the wind became to strong and lifted it out of her hands. The umbrella landed in the middle of the street, and Hana ran out to get it. Just then, a car came towards her. Hana was to afraid to move, and as the car got closer, the driver tried to break. The car started to slide across the slippery road filled with rainwater, and hit Hana's mother who was about to run into the road to save her daughter.
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 6:11 am

Name: Legato
Age: 21
Sex: male
Appearance: built
Hair: blue spiked
Eyes: green
Height: 6’5
Weight: 265
Distinguishing marks: tattoos
clothing: jnco jeans and nirvana t-shirt
Head wear: N/A
Shirt: t-shirt
Hand wear: N/A
Pants: jnco jeans
Shoes: boots
Personality: shy has no friends is afraid of getting close to anyone but otherwise very friendly
Likes: bare knuckle boxing and working
Dislikes: people especially lazy ones
Weakness: CQB
Bow’s name: killa
Bow’s power: exploding AP arrows
Skills: extreme accurate and powerful when angry
History: classified
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 2:21 pm

[quote="fangkingagito1"]Quincy sheet:
Quincy sheet:
Name: Akimi Itsukouki
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Appearance: Perfect skin. Built. All the ladies and some guys go after him.
Hair: Dull red, very soft and wavy.
Eyes: Sapphire blue.
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 142 pounds.
Distinguishing marks: Has a tribal/ Celtic tattoo around his ankle and large ancient spell seal on his back. (such as scars and such)
Clothing: Everything he wears is light weight.
Head wear:(if any)
Shirt: White leather skin tight jacket with a kanji for speed in dull gold on the back,Plain black t-shirt, normally covered by his jacket.
Hand wear: (if any)
Pants: White skin tight pants with dull gold lightning trim made of light weight skin tight material.
Shoes: White sneakers.(if any)
Personality: Extremely humble and soft spoken. Always willing to learn. Extremely shy until you get to know him, which is hard to do because he hardly ever opens up. Extremely smart, manipulative, romantic, UKE!
Likes: Soul reapers, other men, watching the clouds, math, composing music, playing the violin and piano, learning
Dislikes: Other quincy, ice cream, pizza, broccoli, arrogant people, hypo-religious people.
Weakness: The cold, has a hard time making friends, He does not like conflict and just goes with the flow of whoever he is with.
Bow’s name: Haruki
Bow’s power: Allows hirenkyaku to be achieved at much greater speeds. Bow’s appearance: It is held in his left hand. It glows white. Is extremely small, to allow him to hirenkyaku and hand to hand combat at much greater speeds and with ease.
Skills: Is a master of 5 different martial arts. His accuracy with his bow is average. His speed is unlike any other quincy ever. (such as speed or accuracy)
History: Born in Japan, his mother and father both being quincy that denied their existence. Akimi began to develop his hirenkyaku at the age of 7! His mother and father panicked and sent him away to boarding school so that he would not have the place or time to practice skills that he had no idea about. This all happened so fast and Akimi had no idea what to do or what the powers were that he had. He decided to learn martial arts and found that he was very talented at it, some would call him a prodigy. When he turned 14 he had already surpassed his teachers and became extremely bored. Then one day an old man, claiming to be hid grandfather came to visit him at his boarding school. He gave him a cross necklace and told Akimi to never lose it. Akimi did as the man said, he locked the necklace away in a box he had hidden. A year passed before he ever looked at the necklace again. When he finally did look at it, he became curious and tried it on. He got the tingles and decided the necklace looked cool. Three days after he put the necklace on, he noticed he was able to walk and run faster than he could before. At one point he tried to see how fast he could run and he got up to a speed that is not normally attainable by humans, he did not know that though. While he was running, he fell and hit his head. He remembered when he learned to jump through the air really fast. When he woke up he went back to the school. From that point on he fell behind on school, even though his IQ is 165 and devoted all his spare time to “jump through the air” and he became extremely good at it.
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PostSubject: Character   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 10:33 pm

Name Kashira Tama Boutou ( Head Shot Boom)
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Appearance: Tall standing at 6'1, dark chocolate coloured skin, bald with white neatly trimmed eyebrows and a white patch of hair on his chin. He has an athletic build, he has well built arms and a strong core.
Hair: None
Eyes: Icy blue
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170lbs
Distinguishing marks: A large scar running across his upper body.
Clothing: A tight fitting white collared shirt, one black glove on his right hand with metal plating over the knuckles. A thin belt with a cartoon skull as a belt buckle. A pair of black shorts that run down just past his knees. On his feet a pair of large looking roller blades, they are all white and rather plain looking with four wheels, there is a little seperation in the middle of the wheels.
Head wear: A pair of white large headphones.
Shirt: Tight fitted white shirt, with a collar, he leaves the top three buttons undone
Hand wear: A single black glove with metal plating over the knuckles, on his right hand
Pants: A pair of black shorts, held up by a thin white belt, the belt buckle is a cartoon skull.
Shoes: A pair of white roller blades.
Personality: He is oddly friendly, once he gets into a fight he turns somewhat psychotic
Likes: Sweets mainly lollipops, roller blading, Music
Dislikes: People who take like to serious
Weakness: He will never back out of a fight and will fight until he dies, athough he will never take a situation seriously. The scar on his chest is sensitive
Bow’s name: Haretsu
Bow’s power: Spirit arrows can explode on contact
Skills: Great speed with decent aim, very good agility.
History: Kashira never truly had quincy pride from the day he was born, he was more interested in other worldly things than training. The one person he looked up to was his father, a decently powerful quincy, he never forced training on Kashira but helped him along when needed. One day during a rare training lesson, some hollow detected the reitsu from Kashira's father and attacked. Kashira could only run, his father stayed behind and after a long fight Kashira never saw his father or the hollow again. From that point on something in his brain snapped, he seemed to lose his grip on reality as he had lost his only family. He wondered around from place to place, trying to gain power but never really getting anywhere. He never became skilled until almost being killed by some minor hollow, at the last second of the fight he shot off an arrow that burst in his and the hollow's face causing a large amount of damage to the both of them. He had a large wound on his chest after the fight, and although the wound healed it still causes him great pain when hit. His mind however not completely warped just yet allowed him to train and gain a little more control over his powers. Although on the outside he is carefree, and in a fight somewhat crazy, deep inside he is afraid of his own mental instability and fears the day he will go completely insane.
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PostSubject: New Quincy.   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 9:53 pm

She went boom.

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PostSubject: Fyodor Drahomir   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2009 6:52 pm

Quincy sheet:
Name: Fyodor Drahomir
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Appearance: He has a very mixed appearance. His Japanese features are accentuated and are more defined by his European heritage. He's not ugly, but he's not handsome either - at least not by pop-icon standards. He has a unique plainness.

Hair: short, wavy, dark ashy brown
Eyes: rich green
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 183 lbs
Distinguishing marks: Quincy cross tattoo on right shoulder blade
Clothing: He loves to wear durable, practical clothes. They are becoming to his figure but a bit out of fashion.
Head wear: baseball cap sometimes
Shirt: White or gray. Sometimes wears Hawaiian shirts
Hand wear: none
Pants: Dickies
Shoes: Pumas
Personality: A truely nice guy and a hard worker with a little bit of a self-esteem problem. He takes extra care going out of his way to help other people - partially out of his sense of charity and partially because he wants to be accepted.
Likes: wise elderly people, fishing, fish, fish-mongering, working, archery
Dislikes: bratty little kids, old divas, selfish men, teenagers, meat, laziness
Weakness: He has somewhat of a low self-esteem, inferiority complex and is depressed somewhat easily. He likes keeping people at a distance by being polite.
His power also waxes and wanes from his health and psychological/emotional well-being.
Bow’s name: Anxela
Bow’s power: to deflect and return in any direction Fyodor chooses
Skills: Fyodor has the ability to remember every place he had aimed and hit in the past and he can never miss the same place again. He can manipulate his bow's power of deflecting and returning to remember what he remembers.

History: Fyodor grew up as the only child. His Russian father and Japanese mother never married as he had impregnated her while she was working as a prostitute in Russia. He was an alcoholic and though he had the blood of the Quincies ran far back in his family, he never put it to good use, he died early on of liver failure. He only visited Fyodor and his mother whenever he needed some money to gamble with. His mother moved back to Japan to raise Fyodor the best she could with the little life that she could gather for him. She was not happy as a prostitute, but had saved enough money to get by, barely. She worked as a maid in a tourist area. She and Fyodor loved each other very much. But she died and he was old enough to move out. The last wish that she left Fyodor with was to take care of his younger half-sister she had after she left Russia - Sayuri. Fyodor then set out to find her. He wanted to chance his luck out in the fishing village of Tateyama. Hopefully to earn enough money to go to Europe and find her. He spends his time helping those in need and beating up bad guys before he sets of on his journey to find Sayuri.
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitime

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