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 third espada request

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phi oria tres espada

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PostSubject: third espada request   third espada request I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 24, 2010 11:52 pm

Arrancar Sheet:WIP

Name:phi oria

Translation: none

Nickname / Preferred Name: none

Age: unown




Physical Appearance: skinny , has a similiar figure to orihime, long light teal hair.

Clothing: espada uniform

Picture: (If you have one)look on my DA

Mask Description: ls located on left side of the head looks like a cat ear

Picture: (If you have one)

Hollow Base: nekomata (a demon cat that is found in japanese occult)

Personality:is kind and nice (hides this from everyone)but acts alot like grimmjow when shes angry and most of the time. tends to drink sake when shes really upset. has a dark more dangerous side that is awakened from the effect on her body from the sake.

Strengths:high speed, high attack speed, high recovery

Weaknesses (on the weaker side but not low):medium stamina,medium defense

Extra: Phi's zanpacto release word is shatter,

Arrancar Only

Zanpakutō Name:shutter demon

Sealed State Appearance: looks like a katana that splits into two blades

Resurrección Call:shutter

Resurrección Appearance:teeth become huge fangs, finger nails become claws, has a tail that splits in two.

Resurrección Abilities:controls the victims mind ,eventually gets ahold of thier weapon and slays them (is going to change)

Number: Is located in the same spot as grimmjows but opposite side

Rank: 3rd Espada

Arrancar Techniques: her cero is clear making it the most dangerous of the ceros color.she stops time and she kills her victims while they are frozen in place watching her, then after she kills them she unfreezes time, the area that gets frozen in place is where the victim is standing, sonido,garganta

History: phi died at a temple, her death was very grusome, impaled by a harpoon. phi became 3rd espada.

For those submitting a Hollow: just exclude the Zanpakutō and Resurrección portions, Number, and Rank.

Also, for those who submitted characters prior to the update: You do not need to remake your sheet(s) if you do not want to.
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third espada request
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