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PostSubject: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 7:04 am


Weaknesses: {Must be physical, i.e. perhaps you are fast then you will not be very strong, your zanpuktou controls fire, you are weak against ice, there will be no is not a very good singer or anything like that}
Personality: {What your character is like}
Former Gotei 13 Division: {What squad were you previously in?}
History: {You only need to describe their time in the soul society briefly as a shinigami and how they changed, there is a 150 words minimum limit, there is no max, note details are very handy if you want to develop your character further}


Picture: {Optional}

Complexion: {Skin colour}


Picture: {Optional}

Upper body: {Shirt, coat etc}
Mid Section: {Belts, sashes, whips anything around the waist}
Lower body:{Pants, skirts, shorts, etc}
Feet: {Shoes or bare feet}
Markings/ Tattoos: {Scars, wounds, tattoos on the body, where are they located?}
Accessories: {watches, hats, necklaces all the small stuff}


Zanpaktou Name:
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance:
Zanpaktou Sealed State Appearance: {Usually a katana}

Zanpaktou Shikai Name: {The name of your swords first release}
Zanpaktou Shikai Appearance: {What the first release looks like}
Zanpaktou Shikai Abilities: {What is it’s power, no multiple powers}
Zanpaktou Shikai Weakness(s): {Its weakness}

Zanpaktou Bankai Name: {Name of the secondary release}
Zanpaktou Bankai Appearance: {Secondary release appearance –NOTE DO NOT FILL THIS IN UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE ADMINS}
Zanpaktou Bankai Abilities: {What is it able to do}
Zanpaktou Bankai Weakness: {Its weakness}


{Kido is Optional and has limits, do not have a lot of kido without permission}

Hado: {List of Hado based kido}

Bakudo: {List of Bakudo based kido}

~Vizard Mask~

Mask Appearance:
Mask Abilities: {i.e. inceased speed, strength etc. You may only have one ability until you get more experienced, no exceptions}

Vizard / Hollow Abilities: {i.e. Cero, Bala Note: no high powered stuff}

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PostSubject: Keoni Kisenzai   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 2:04 am

Name: Kisenzai, Keoni
Age: Physical age 19/20, real age around 423 (I go by a simple 1 year physical appearance/about 20 soul society years).
Appearance:Slightly tanned skin,not overly muscled normal build.face is clean and kept unlike hair.
Hair: Dark brown almost black,worn messy and unkept.he does shave though.
Eye color: Dark red,near blood-like.In "Hollowed" state eyes become neon blue
Weakness:Sympathy,Can loose his temper easily,
Distinctive marks: Entire left arm is scarred from uncontrolled release of inner hollow during Aizen's "Metastacia" experiment.

Head wear: (not needed)
Top: White Kimono,worn veryly loosely with bandages wrapped around in torso,Sec:Dark blue Haori (similar to shinsengumi style)
Sash: Very long and tied with one end much longer then the other,which flows in the wind.
Pants: Very baggy hakama pants,flow gracefully in the wind.
Hand wear: He wears tattered bandages on his left arm (Hollow powers have been conquered,he still wear bandages to cover the scars)
Shoes: Waraji worn loosely,"Ninja" socks worn can be used as effective footwear (without the sandals).

-Gigai Clothing-
Head wear: (not needed)Larger headphones around neck act like a "collar".
Top: Blue and white T shirt,Two-tone style.Sec: Large Dark blue leather windbreaker worn like his haori.(Large cuffed wrists on sleeves)
Pants: Loose fitting gray cargo pants.
Hand wear: Bandages (to look cool?)
Shoes: Stylish custom made sneakers.

Personality: He is extremely laid back and doesnt seem to give a crap,but when it comes time to fight he changes into a tactical and caring genius.He understands most people the very first time he meets them and can be considered on par with Aizen when it comes to "knowing" people.He does not manipulate people but does try to let them know of their own weaknesses (much to the ire of Soifon)...
Likes: Strong girls (not muscle strength lol),Trustworthy people,loyalty,wolves,the color blue,and inner strength.
Dislikes: Liars,manipulators,weak minded people,barbarians (although he and Zaraki are "friends"),and peanuts.
Division:Former Squad 9 Replacement

Zanpakuto’s name: Kazenoryuu (Storming Dragon)
Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance:A jet-black Shirasaya (canesword,or hidden-mouth sword) sword.
Shikai release words: "Roar towards the heavens! " (Wind element type)
Shikai appearance: Once released his swords hilt-bottom becomes a Kunai like blade which can be fired out like a spear,the "spearhead" is attached to the hilt by a chain (much like a soul chain) which adds links as the blade goes outwards,on command he can change the chain into a bladed chain,with each link having two blades (one on either side).
With this he can use a special attack which wraps the opponent in this blade/chain and tears them to shreds.He also can control the kinetic energy of the blade,meaning he can change direction of the blades movement upon impact (at will) making his special attack all the more harder to dogde.The blade has a heavy weighted feeling to it which makes blocking rather difficult.(On a side note during release a handguard forms (out of the hilt) on the forward side of the blade.)
Attack (chainsaw thing): "Wrath of the heavenly wind"...I havent had the chance to translate my bad ...

Bankai's name: Kokazenoryuuken (Great Storming Dragon) (Wind element type)
Bankai appearance: The released sword becomes longer and much more curved like a "wave" sword,the "spearhead"
becomes a long "Katar" blade which is still attached to the sword hilt via "soul-chain".
Bankai ability: Much like the shikai Kisenzai can "punch" the spearhead at enemies ,the chain loses the ability to become a "chain-saw" but the kinetic "redirection" is still possible.At this level the weighted-feeling is dramtically increased.His special attacks are as follows...while in flight he can "blast" his chain into peices, each link is equivalent to a Bakudou 33 (Blue Fire,Crash Down).If this attack is used the links will no longer regenerate.Also he can fire a Bakudou 4 (Byakurai,White Lightning) from the tip of his sword.This attack is known as "Kazefuchi" ( "Wind-Edge" )
His second special attack is only possible when the spearhead or sword have been broken (and in Hollow-mode),he changes his bankai into twin versions of his katana but without the katar ,his speed is increased beyond normal limits (causing massive damage over time),he is capable of breaking the sound barrier.The special attack is called "Rampage of storming winds"
If all other attacks are exhausted he can use a last resort,by throwing away one blade he places all of his reiatsu in the other,allowing for a very-powerful final strike.This attack is called "Saigo Kokazeryuu".

Bakudou 4, White Lightning (without incantation)
Bakudou 66,Twin Lotus Blue Flame,Crash Down (with incantation)
Bakudou 75,Gochutekkan (with incantation)
Bakudou 88, Flying Dragon Strike, Heaven Shaking Lightning Cannon (without incantation,thanks to Tessai-Dono XD)
Kido 1, Sai
Kido 99, Seal/Great Seal (with incantation duh)

Other weapons: 6 throwing knives


Currently:A vizard living in Karakura town,he trains to perfect his bankai.

Past:Was the new Captain of Squad 9 his gained his rank by attaining bankai.Squad Capt.'s of the 10th,12th,and 2nd Divisions were witness to it(with Toshiro as a sparring partner).He is not very well trusted by Komamura or Soifon.So much so that Soifon decided to keep an eye on him.That was until during a meeting with Capt.'s Shuhsui and Ukitake in which he invited her to come down off the roof and eat lunch, to which she responded to by running away.He quote on quote said "did you even eat breakfast Soifon?".This shocked Ukitake and Shunsui who werent even able to sense her spiritual pressure.His Kido skills are sharp with excellent control of the "White Lightning" technique.He lacks true swordsmanship but is very resourceful in battle.He has an innate ability to track down spirits regardless of if they try to hide themselves.His Lt. Hisagi seems to have accepted his command and as such the squads morale has sky-rocketed.


Mask appearance:Wolf's skull with fur running down the back,after the shoulder blades (the fur) seems to be made completely of "live" spirit energy (looks like a white flame that burns downwards)
Mask abilities:The eyes of the mask do not match up with his own,this allows him to see with his "3rd" eye (actually 3rd and 4th,as the hollows eyes link to his mind).With this he can track with maximum effectiveness the spirit power of any enemy,thus meaning he has some defense against Aizen' Suigetsu.
Hollow powers:Maximizes speed,in bankai can break the sound barrier,also can fire a very powerful cero in the same way white lightning is launched from the blade.

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PostSubject: Akaookami Saku   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 3:50 pm

Name: Akaookami Saku

Age: 199

Sex: Male


Hair: Black and spiky.

Eye color: Dark brown, nearly completely black.

Height: 5,3 ft // 164 cm

Weight: 129 pounds // 58 kg

Weakness: He is very young and may be a little inexperienced. Since he is just a kid he is not as strong physically and mentally as most adults, therefore he often relies on speed and agility to outmaneuver his opponents.

Distinctive marks: He has a cut across his back, which he got during the time he
almost became a hollow and acquired his vizard powers.


Head wear: He wears a couple of black goggles.

Top: He wears a dark-grey t-shirt and a white sweater with a couple of black lines
with a red in the middle going down the arms. There is also a black hood on the

Pants: he wears black jogging pants with three lines moving down the sides, 2 white ones with a red in between.

Hand wear: Nothing

Shoes: White jogging shoes.

Gigai Clothing: Same as his other clothing.

Personality: He is usually pretty calm, and acts like everyone should respect him. He often gets angry and tells people to call him Saku-sama instead of things like san, kun or chan. He hates being called chan, because it sounds cute. He can usually be found rolling around town on his skateboard, with a bored and non-caring expression. When he meets an opponent, he will either fight with a bored expression, or an expression of a murderer. He has a murderous personality that comes out when he is in a fight or meets someone he does not like. He rarely holds back, even against the weakest of opponents. Saku doesn't care much about life, and wouldn't hesitate to kill. His eyes says so even when he's smiling and laughing, something which he rarely does.

Likes: He likes being alone, and especially during the night. For some reason, he loves the night and how the stars and the moon shines down on him, the darkness is calming. He enjoys being in a battle against a strong opponent, and enjoys seeing the blood of his opponent drip down onto the ground. He also likes being respected, which is why he always wants people to call him Saku-Sama, and treat him like a superior.

Dislikes: He hates being called short and being treated like a little kid. Many people often underestimate his strength because he looks so innocent at times, he hates it. He also doesn't like the sun, it's way to shiny, and it always makes people happy.

Division: 11th

Seat: He was the 6th seat when he was still a member of the 11th squad, though now he's between the level of lieutenant and captain.

Zanpakuto’s name: Garoumaru (Hungry Wolf)

Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance:

Shikai release words: Tsumenoakawaru, Garoumaru! // Rip it all to Shreds,

Shikai appearance: Garoumaru becomes a two handed katana, also known as a nōdachi. The guard has the shape of a star, and along the upper part of the blade there are something that looks like wolf teeth attached

Shikai abilities: When Garoumaru is in it's shikai form, it absorbs it's users reiatsu. Since the blade is filled with spiritual energy, it will get the ability to cut basically anything it touches. Basically, Garoumaru will cut through things like Hierro or people who protect themselves with Reiatsu easily. Also, while in this form, Saku will be able to release the reiatsu within the blade and unleash a powerful attack towards the target. This attack is known as "Akakibagento" (Red Moon Fang).

Bankai's name: Satsujintekigarou (Murderous Hungry Wolf) (Saku has yet not acquired his Bankai, but i will post it anyways).

Bankai appearance: This Bankai is very different from most other Bankai's. In this form, Saku himself becomes the Bankai. His fangs grow, his fingers turns into claws. He even grows a spiky tail and his eyes become black like the ones of a wolf. His Bankai is in many ways similar to the "Resurrecion" of the Espada.

Bankai ability: The Bankai increases Saku's physical abilities greatly, especially his speed. He becomes able to move at speeds several times faster then what he usually is. His claws will have a similar ability to the shikai, and he will also be able to use the "Akakibagento" in this form, though it is far more powerful. But that is not all, in this form, his senses increase greatly also. His hearing, vision and even his sense of smell.

1. Sai (Restrain) Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.

4. Hainawa (Crawling Rope) An energy rope entangles a target's arms.

8. Seki (Repulse) Creates a round shield that seems to temporarily paralyze and repel whatever strikes it.

(custom) 19. Futatsumayu (Double Cocoon) Creates a cocoon like shield that surrounds the user, and another that surrounds the first cocoon to increase the defensive ability of the technique.

21. Sekienton (Red Smoke Escape) Creates a blast upon activation and is used like a ninja's smoke bomb.

37. Tsuriboshi (Suspending Star) Creates a star-shaped cushion of Spiritual Energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles. It can stop falling objects, acting like a safety net.

39. Enkosen (Arc Shield) Summons a shield of condensed Reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.

Nr. 1. Thrust (Sho): Pushes the target away from the caster.

Nr. 4. White Lightning (Byakurai): Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger.

Nr. 31. Shot of Red Fire (Shakkaho): Fires a ball of red energy at a target.

Nr. 33. Blue Fire, Crash Down (Sokatsui): Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power.

(custom) Kanchiki (Sensor) Creates an invisible barrier that, when someone crosses this barrier, will tell the user of this technique by a weak ringing sound.

(custom) Oppiraku (Open) Creates a hole on a flat surface. (creates a door)

(custom) Hikari (Light) Creates a bright flash that'll blind anyone within vision range, looking directly at the source (the user of the technique)

Other weapons: He has no other weapons besides his body. Though he has trained himself to manipulate the bones within his body and can make his own hand as sharp as a knife.

History: He was killed during the 17th century, when a neighbor village attacked them because someone had stolen some of the food from their storage. He did not understand that he was dead back then, because he was just a little kid. He stayed with his family, not understanding why they would never answer him when he talked to them. He eventually grew angry and he wanted to get it all to end. He started pulling on the chain in his chest to be able to run away, just run away forever. He didn't get what was going on back then. It hurt, yet he kept pulling, pulling, and pulling. He slowly started becoming a hollow, until one day a shinigami came walking through his village. The shinigami found him, suffering and trying to pull the chain of fate out of his chest. The shinigami told him that he would be happy again, and didn't have to be afraid. Saku did not know whether or not to believe in him, but the shinigami ended up doing the soul burial anyways. When Saku got to Soul Society, he knew nothing about what was going on. The chain was gone, and he was not suffering any more.

He tried to live in the town that he had appeared in, a place known as Rukongai. He was in the 66th level of Rukongai, a place filled with murderers, rapists and criminals. He always had to watch out for drunk people who could go berserk and beat him up for no reason. He learned how to take care of himself, and stole water and food to survive. He had no family, no one, he was always by himself. One day, not many years after he was sent to Soul Society, he saw a Shinigami walking through Rukongai, it was the same person who had sent him to Soul Society. Just then, because he had not been able to eat in several days, he fell down to his knees, feeling the powerful pressure coming from the Shinigami. The Shinigami noticed this and told him that he should enroll in the Shinigami academy, where he could himself become a Shinigami. It was tempting, it would mean he could get away from that hell hole, and people might look up to him when he became a Shinigami.

Enrolling in the academy, he found out most of the people there was much older then him. He was always looked down on, and people treated him like a little kid. Always during fighting class, where they learned how to wield a blade, people held back on him even though he was much better then them. They always said they let him win, and maybe they believed so also, but Saku knew they were weaklings compared to him. Not many years after, Saku passed and became a Shinigami, much earlier then all the other students to their surprise. When he first got into the Court of Pure Souls, Seireitei, he was amazed at the difference between Rukongai and there. He got a place where he could live, and was assigned into the 11th squad for his skills in fighting. Many years passed and Saku rose up in ranks, and eventually became the 6th squad. Since the time he got into Seireitei as a Shinigami, and became the 6th seat of the 11th squad, he was getting tired of being a Shinigami. Like a kid getting tired of a toy, and now wanted something new.

He continued being a Shinigami, but once when he was on a mission in the human world he encountered 2 people that called themselves Vizards. They told him that he also could become a Vizard, and after seeing their powers he was convinced, this was what he wanted to be. The one called Gumo forced the hollowification to start, and Saku had to fight himself in order to not become a Hollow. During this battle, he nearly became a hollow, turning into a creature that even broke through the barrier set up by Gumo. Gumo did what he could to hold him back, re-forming the barrier making it push Saku down and held him there until Saku awoke with his new Vizard powers ready for use. Because of the barrier that dug into the back of his shoulder, he still has a scar.

After this incident, Saku lost contact with the two Vizards that helped him awaken his powers, and a couple of years passed. Saku trained by himself in order to master his new abilities, knowing that since he had become half hollow, he would be able to master some moves used by hollow. It did not take long before he learned how to use the Cero, and using this, he created two new techniques. The "Luna Llena Cero" and the "Media Luna Cero". After mastering his new powers, he started to search for others like him, Vizards, but he could never find anyone. He searched for many months and, recently, he found a shop where he could feel the presence of another Vizard, a powerful Vizard. The person inside the shop showed him down a long stairway underneath the shop that led to a gigantic kingdom, the "Vizard Kingdom".

Mask appearance: His mask is very dark compared to most masks that are white with a couple of marks on. On the forehead of the mask, there is a crimson V-like shape that moves down between the eyes. On the cheeks there are three lines that resembles whiskers, 2 white with a red in between. His eyes glow dark-red while the mask is on and the teeth resembles the fang of a wolf. Around the top of the mask is something that looks like horns or wolf ears. While the mask is attached, his voice changes slightly, and he starts growling like a wolf once in a while.

Mask abilities: When the mask is equipped, his speed and stamina will increase greatly, together with his agility. The strength of his hollow powers are also increased.

Hollow powers:
Cero: The user fires a crimson red laser blast of great, concentrated destruction.

Luna Llena Cero (Full Moon Cero): Much like the normal form of the "Cero", it is
concentrated energy with great power. The color of this "Cero" is different from the normal one though, it is completely black with a blood/crimson red outline. The destructive power of this technique is also much greater then the average "Cero".

Media Luna Cero (Crescent Moon Cero): The same as "Lune Llena Cero", though it splits into several beams that moves around the target, giving it few means to escape. Since the "Media Luna Cero" is the "Lune Llena Cero", just split up, each beam is much weaker then the original, but each of the beams together have the destructive power of an average "Cero".

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PostSubject: Vizard: Himanshita, Kobushi   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 2:40 am

Personal Information
Name: Himanshita, Kobushi
Age: Eight-hundred, appears sixty.
Race: Vizard
Sex: Male
Strength: Brute strength and high stamina.
Weakness: Faster opponents.
Appearance: Kobushi stands at an even seven foot and weighs exactly four-hundred pounds. Despite of his weight, the rather gigantic Vizard's mass is all muscle he gained from intense training. Kobushi has a rather tan skintone, hazel hues, and a white mustache that reaches down to his chin in the form of a long tied beard that hangs to his collar bone. Having strong facial features and a rather adamantly angered look upon his face constantly, Kobushi always seems to be like that of an angered old man. Because of becoming a Vizard, the elder Shinigami was kicked out of the Gotei 13 and banished from the Seireitei. So instead of wearing the formal black and white kimono, Kobushi wears a black muscle shirt along with a pair of blue jeans and black boots.
Personality: Despite his demeanor, Kobushi is gentle at heart and will always stand up for the little people (whom are literally little compared to him). Aside from standing up for what's right, despite his own outcast, Kobushi will always help Shinigami when needed assuming he's around. Overall, Kobushi is a gentle giant who likes to show off his oversized muscles.
History: Being apart of the thirteenth division always made Kobushi a bit wary for the fact that he loves to fight and show off his power. Despite not being able to enter the eleventh division, the giant made peace with his rank in the thirteenth. Throughout his time training alone, there had only ever been one occurence where a fellow member of his team actually enjoyed his company and wasn't afraid to approach him. One day while eating his lunch in the mess hall, a young girl that appeared to be somewhere around twenty sat across from him, they were the only two occupying a whole lunch table for the others rather feared the massive Kobushi. After talking with the girl on several occassions, the senior and junior Shinigami became friends. Several months later, Kobushi and the young lady were sent on a mission to clear out a group of hollows. As to be expected, the giant sixty year old man dispatched of the weak hollow's quite easily; on the other hand, his friend was having a hard time. After continuing to fight, a hollow managed to attack Kobushi's friend from behind, fatally wounding her. Once finished with the mission he was assigned to do, he rushed back to the Seireitei and immediately got the young girl medical attention. Several hours passed as a worried Kobushi paced back and forth in a hallway, finally a doctor emerged from a room and informed Kobushi of the girls status. Unfortunately, Kobushi's friend had passed away. Now, an infuriated Kobushi left the squad four barracks. As usual, when upset, Kobushi trained, only this time pushing himself further than he had ever gone. From the immense strain on his own spirit chain from his training and mental anguish, the chain began to corrode. Upon the chains becoming shattered, Kobushi became that which he killed, a hollow. As his body became corrupt and roared, Kobushi fought the monster within himself. After some time, he managed to defeat the beast within. Once news got out that Kobushi the Giant had become a Vizard, everyone feared him more. Realizing that with his newfound power, he'd never be able to return to the Gotei thirteen, he fled to the human world.

Vizard Information
Division: Previously 13th
Seat: Previously 4th
Kidou: Flash Step
Hollow Abilities: Bala, Hierro, and Sonido.
Skills: Blunt weapons master, Flash Step/Sonido master, and Hand-to-Hand Combat (Aikido).
Vizard Mask: When donning his Hollow mask, unlike most, it's not a complete mask that covers the whole face. Like most masks, Kobushi's resembles a skull and cuts off at the upper jaw, leaving room for his beard to hang down and so he can speak freely. When the mask is put on, it makes Kobushi's sclera solid black and his irises yellow. Along the forehead of the mask are three red arrow's which point downwards. Showing some of Kobushi's own age, there are cracks running down from both eye sockets and holes where the nostrils are located.

Zanpakuto Information
Name: Sarutahiko Ōkami, "Great God, Prince Saruta" - (Shinto Kami of earth and patron of martial arts)
Appearance: In its sealed state, Sarutahiko Ōkami has a brown clothed handle and a hexagonal hilt. Aside from that, Sarutahiko looks like any ordinary katana.

Shikai: Kishin Sarutahiko, "Fierce God, Prince Saruta"
Appearance: When released into its Shikai state, Sarutahiko Ōkami takes the form of a wooden Tetsubo. A Tetsubo is a blunt weapon that is used to break through armor and break opponent's bones. The handle retains that of Sarutahiko's sealed state but stretches up into a baseball bat type of frame. Along the thicker shaft of the weapon are short steel studs which are used to give more of a offensive edge.
Power: Manipulation of the earth element and enhanced speed.

• Tsuchi Zaiaku, "Earth Vice": Utilizing his earth manipulation, Kobushi will make the ground form up or stretch out in tendrils to surround the opponent. Once ensnared, the earth will close in inch by inch to crush the victim.

Bankai: Gunshin Sarutahiko, "God of War, Prince Saruta"
Appearance: Upon achieving Bankai, Sarutahiko Ōkami takes the form of a Kanabo. The only difference from the Tetsubo and Kanabo is that the Kanabo has a steel upper shaft with elongated studs and weighs more. Utilizing the weight, force, and speed of the weapon being swung, it can deal a great amount of crushing damage.
Power: Advanced earth manipulation and enhanced endurance.

• Houkugi, "Cannon Spike": Utilizing his earth manipulation, Kobushi is able to make large pillars of stone eminate from the ground. In doing so, the pillars can be propelled at the opponent as spikes.

• Keikoku Hibiware, "Canyon Fissure": Once again, using the earth manipulation that Sarutahiko gives Kobushi, he is able to create a large sinkhole under the opponent. Once the opponent is trapped, rocks and dirt will encase them in the earth.
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PostSubject: Character sheet   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 5:20 pm

Name: Masudao Hitoku
Age: look like 20 but waay older
Appearance,and mask apperance and clothing :

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Weakness:not good at long range fights
Distinctive marks: none

Personality: she can be quiet lazy at times can spend whole day lying around, opend minded to almoust everything and quite understanding enjoys listening to other peoples stories. In battle shes prettey serious depends moustly on opponent.
Likes:night sky,bed, long walks
Dislikes: fight whit no purpose,too silent people
Division: use to be in 10th
Seat: vice capitan
Zanpakuto’s name:Keibatsu
Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: normal katana whit golden hilt warped whit red cotton.
Shikai release words: Rise Keibatsu
Shikai appearance: a twin blade.
Shikai abilities:when cuts thro air it sendes powerfull wind whic cuts everything in its path.
Bankai's name: Juu Tsume Ken
Bankai appearance: blade unites her and she becomes a cat like creature.
Bankai ability:Her claws are long and sharp like blades they can easly change it length. Also her agility and speed incresses as for few more instincs are sharpen.
Spells1. Restrain (塞, Sai) — Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.[2]
4. Crawling Rope (這縄, hainawa) — An energy rope entangles a target's arms.
9. Strike (撃, geki) — Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them.
39. Arc Shield (円閘扇, enkosen) — Summons a shield of condensed Reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.[7]
4. White Lightning (白雷, byakurai?)[17] — Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger.
31. Shot of Red Fire (赤火砲, shakkahō?)[18] — Fires a ball of red energy at a target.
* 33. Blue Fire, Crash Down (蒼火墜, sōkatsui?, — Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power.
63. Thunder Roar Cannon (雷吼炮, raikōhō?)[21] — Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target.
History: In past she was a shinigami,but for some reasone never felt stasified as one. She hated feeling like was somones dogg who could be replaced easly. Time felw and that feeling grew even more. One day she sneekd in 12th division 's informations to check out some rumors about race called vizards. Amased buy their abilites and strenght secretly she began training to join them. Few more years passed and was ready,whitout regerts and good byes she left soul society to find this new race whic she will gladly serve under.
Add on Vizard:
Mask appearance: look in apperance above
Mask abilities: greater speed,especialy combiend whit bankai.
Hollow powers: Cero

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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 8:27 am

Name: 小川 Ogawa (small river) 総二郎 Soujiro (whole second son)

Seems 24, but is actually 902

Ogawa is a 5'9 African American Shinigami with short black hair, dark brown eyes, and light brown skin. He weighs 150lb and has a scar on his left arm that looks like a long scrape that extends from his shoulder to his middle finger. Since he is a Vizard, he wears regular human cloths to blend into his environment.

His Zanpakuto is weak against water and ice attacks, many of his stradegies are very effective, but most take to long and easy to be destroyed.

Ogawa is kind and, at times, aggressive individual. Now days, he never seems to really battle anyone, due to his Vizard abilities isolating him from Shinigami, Hollow, etc. He is very intelligent, but most times he acts like a fool. His mind is always in the clouds. He likes to train, read, eat with others (Obviously only humans), and tries to get over his fears. He dislikes Espada and people who act superior. Whenever in battle, Ogawa's personality completely changes. When he is around captain level spiritual entities, he tends to have a large desire to fight. In every battle, he tries to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible, to try and make it enjoyable for himself and his opponent. His act of peace is due to many years of sociology, training, and learning how to respect anyone in his surroundings. At times, he seems to be very wise as well, having a meaningful word of wisdom to almost anyone he sees and to everyone he knows.

Battle Data (Out of 700):
Offense: 100
Defense: 80
Agility: 90
Reiatsu: 90
Kidō: 100
Intelligence: 80
Physical Strength: 70
Total: 580

Previously 5th Division, Kidou Corps / Kidou Tactics & Control

Previous leader of the 5th Division

Zanpakuto’s name:

Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance:
slightly longer than an ordinary katana, and resembles a Nodachi

Shikai release word:
炎開花期の古代の全競技者にその最初の花、私の火山レジェンドを貸してください Let the ancient field of flames bloom its first flower, my Kagutsuchi!

Shikai appearance:
Once Ogawa summons his Shikai, it will form into two pitch black blades formed out of pure iron, with a silver-like crystal hilt, with one blade being twice the size of the other.

Shikai abilities:
Once Ogawa releases his Shikai, he will have two abilities. One will be in the small bladed Zanpkuto being able to increase the power of his Kido attacks X1.5, where as the long blade will be engulfed by fire and be able to use multiple fire type techniques

Bankai's name

Bankai appearance:
What was once a duel Zanpakuto has now evolved into two golden gloves and boots, both saying "成長して、そして栄えてください、私の神の獣!, or Grow and prosper, my divine beast!"

Bankai ability:
Greater use of fire manipulation and power over earth. This manipulation over earth enables Ogawa to call forth lava that he can used for several perposes. This Bankai is also able to use all known kido in the form of fire or earth based attacks. Ogawa's bankai is also set up as fire/earth based kido, as his Shikai, but with more powerful and newer forms of attack, defense and capture (All bankai/shikai techniques are located in the original journal)

All known Kido

Born in the 1st district of Rukongai, Ogawa parents were experimented with an inheritable form of Hōgyoku. Although successful in making Ogawa inherit the ability of Hollowfication, it in turn lead to the parent's death, due to the instability of the experiment 3 years later. Growing up as an orphan, he leaned to control his rage over his own by finding other purposes of rage, by protecting those in the soul society, instead of those that Ogawa just know about. Born talented in the way of the Zanpakuto, he was sent to the Shin'ō Reijutsu Academy (Shinigami Academy) when he was a young child. Many saw this child as a powerful Shinigami and had extra years of training in the style of Kido. Ogawa was soon part of the 3rd division for a short time ranked as #5, where he distributed information, mostly to the 2nd division. After about 40 years as the 5th seat, Ogawa became lieutenant of the 5th division. He was soon trained by the captain to be able to master his Bankai. Once he was able to use his bankai, Ogawa was tested by the Gotei 13 to battle against the very captain that taught him in the way of the Bankai. The first battle, he wasn't very successful, due his emotions for the kind post captain. The second time, he got over these emotions and ended the battle with his captain taking his defeat through death. The, now captain of the 5th division, Ogawa ruled over the 5th division. During his first meeting with the Gotei 13, he felt honored to be there, just to see all the captains that he wishes to see with his own two eyes. As he was set into this area, he started to get sick. It could have been to much excitement over the sight of the Gotei 13, says a Shinigami that sent him into the 4th division hospital for examination. Ogawa started to grow weary and soon enough had a wooden mask on his face, a Vizard was born! He kept his secret away from everyone, including his Lieutenant. Ogawa soon used his Vizard powers in private, to see what he is able to do with them. After 198 years as the captain of the 5th division, he was caught having his Vizard powers and was temporary set into the Maggot's Nest,until Ogawa broke out 1 week after he was sent into the detention center. Ogawa used his Vizard ability of Garganta to escape the maggots nest and leave the soul society, to live amongst humans and live another day outside of a cell.

Mask appearance:
A wooden mask with a green flaring design on the left side

Mask abilities:
increases sight

Hollow powers:
Inferno Cero: Ogawa will use his energy to create an extremely hot Cero that can melt through steel in seconds. This attack can only be used in he activates his Zanpakuto.
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 12:41 am

Name: Akane Yoshiniro
Age: 893 Appears early 30's
Sex: Male
Appearance: Very pale skinned, deep blue eyes, long and straight silver hair, and stands at 5'10". Akane has a thin scar that runs perfectly vertical across his right eye and a perfectly horizontal one that goes underneath his eyes and across his nose forming a cross where the two scars intersect. As for clothing, Akane dresses pretty much medievally and tends to stand out.
Hair: Silver
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Weakness: Despite the menacing appearance, one hit will usually be enough to bring him down
Distinctive marks: The two scars on his face

Head wear: None
Top: What seems to be black leather armor over top of a deep crimson tunic. Both reach down to his knees and are split front and back up the middle to provide him with no resistance on his legs
Pants: Black well worn and loose fitting leather pants
Hand wear: Fingerless black leather gloves
Shoes: Knee high black boots with bright silver buckles

Gigai Clothing:
Head wear: (not needed)
Pants: Same as above
Hand wear: (not needed)
Shoes: (not needed)

Personality: One of those strong silent types, he tends to only speak when needed and usually to point something out. Other than that he seems very cold hearted on the outside. And he is. Akane has no problem getting rid of someone if they are in his way or leaving behind the weak or defeated. His strong dislike for others makes him rather off-putting for the most part, but for those who actually know him would know that he is actually just very apathetic and doesn't care what others do around him as long as it doesn't bother him.
Likes: Dealing with things on his own even when vastly outnumbered
Dislikes: Everybody, and pretty much everything
Division: Ex-3rd
Seat: Ex-Captain

Zanpakuto’s name: Tashu
Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: A modest looking katana with little decoration except for the gold fittings and handguard. The handguard itself has an image of an angel on it, but hidden within that same image is a demon's face.
Shikai release words: "Trick them, Tashu!"
Shikai appearance: A dull silver pole with a cross section on one end giving it the appearance of an extended T. The cross section has a length of two inches, and the pole itself has a length of six feet.
Shikai abilities: Tashu has seven different blades that can come out of the cross section. Each varies in length and in shape and has their own unique ability.
Rihi: The blade curves like a scimitar and has a length of 21 inches. It has the ability to change the length of the spear shaft from six feet to 21 inches. So when fully extended the spear becomes a naginata, and when shortened it becomes a curving sword where the blade is as long as the handle making it the most versatile and thus most used head Akane uses.

Gekidoku: A six inch, narrow spear head shaped for slicing rather than piercing. Contrary to the name, Gekidoku does not poison, but gives the illusion of it. Each strike, even shallow ones will be intensely painful crippling an opponent much faster than normal.

Kyoshi: A five inch triangular shaped spear head with a heavily serrated edge to cause devastating slashes that don't slice rather than rip open gruesome wounds.

Haribara: An eight inch spike like spearhead designed quite obviously for stabbing. Though much more sinister than it appears since once it pierces something it leaves hundreds of razor sharp, tiny metallic flakes inside of the wound. These flakes can render entire limbs useless since they work their way into muscles causing more damage the more the person moves.

Nageru: A twelve inch long and thin head. Nageru shortens the shaft length from six feet to four to balance it for throwing. Once thrown it can change its course midair and always aims for an enemy's heart. It can shift several times mid air, and once its momentum is stopped be it blocked or once it pierces, it reappears in Akane's hand.

Hitodama: Twin eight inch spear blades that are two inches apart come from the shaft. When pierced by both blades, no matter how shallow at the same time, Hitodama drains the victim's spirit energy, causing them to tire out extremely quickly. The deeper the blades go in, the more reiatsu they'll drain at once.

Jimetsu: Undoubtedly the most powerful of the seven heads, Jimetsu causes the most destruction since it combines abilities from the other six, but at a great cost to Akane. The blade is long, narrow, serrated, and transforms the cross guard into a crescent shaped blade. Akane will rarely use this head since it drains an intense amount of his reiatsu and continues to do so until he either changes heads, or dies.

Bankai's name: Kokushibyou
Bankai appearance: A six foot pure black spear with two sinister looking heads on both ends ( ) The tips themselves adds another two feet to the weapon giving it a total length of eight feet.
Bankai ability: Kokushibyou can multiply as many times as needed, and Akane doesn't have to handle them with his hands. Each spear can move independently on its own according to his will, though he usually keeps one in hand for defense. The possible combinations of attacks this way is countless, especially with Akane's cunning mind.
Kido: Proficient to the minimum that's required from the Captain's, but he never uses it.
Other weapons: His feet, Akane uses a sort of extremely controlled shunpo to increase the damage of his kicks making them as deadly as a Zanpakuto strike.

History: Akane was born in Soul Society in the roughest district of Rukongai. He hated it along with everybody else, so he was overwhelmed with joy when he was given the chance to become a Shinigami. He was average in pretty much everything except when it came to sword play. He picked it up extremely fast and excelled in an astonishing rate. Which was surprising since he wasn't strong and everyone (himself included) knew it. It was his skill and technique that stood out, he could parry the most vicious of blows without flinching from recoil or giving up any ground. He found ways to turn powerful offenses around and in turn stab holes in the desperate defensive that always followed. Even when he couldn't turn an offensive completely around, he waited patiently, never tiring, always gaining momentum until he could deliver that one deciding counter blow. It was this skill and technique that propelled him through his training. And his mentor's were even more astonished when he was taught Shunpo. At first, he was average at it, but the more he practiced, the faster he got and the higher his stamina climbed. By the time he was to graduate, Akane could out-perform most of the higher ranking Shinigami, including every one of his mentors in combat. Because of his style, he was placed in the Third Division at the 5th seat level. It took him only 10 years to reach the 3rd seat, and another 10 to reach the Lieutenant spot. It was here things started to take a turn for the worst.

Akane was becoming so confident in his own skill, he was beginning to wonder why everyone else was so weak. At first it was just criticism, but then it turned into judgment, which then turned into a feeling of superiority. But there was one person he dared not stand up to, his Captain. The man was so calm all the time and cool headed, it unnerved Akane. But at the same time, Akane respected it immensely. Akane tried to copy his Captain's calm composure, and it worked to a degree. Everyone saw this change in Akane's judging personality, so they forgave him of his past actions after a long while and were more than eager to accept him as their new Captain when the old one stepped down. But that was another mistake. Now in a position of great power, with a vast amount of new knowledge available to him, Akane was beginning to discover things he never knew before. And one of them in particular held the most promise for furthering Akane's already great skill.

Hollowfication. Akane became obsessed with this new concept. And he worked hard to keep his new interest under wraps. For almost five centuries Akane did his research into unlocking his inner Hollow, but he never actually tried it since he knew the consequences if he did. But still, he was intrigued. Finally the day came when he snuck off into the night, for away from Seireitei, all the way to the Living World, where in a secluded cave far from any form of civilization, he called out to his inner Hollow. The following battle inside his Zanpakuto's spirit realm with his inner Hollow dragged on for almost two hours. The sounds of blade clashing with blade happened so often, so fast, it sounded like one resolute ring. Akane's inner hollow was his exact mirror image and in order to beat it, Akane had to do something that would trick himself. But in the end, even he had no idea what he did to run the creature through since everyone of his attempts to trick it failed. Ever since then, Akane's calm and cool headed personality quickly became extremely apathetic as the only person he knew and wanted to respect was himself. And for all he cared, everyone else was just a nuisance and should go about their business without getting him involved. But like that happens...

Add on Vizard:
Mask appearance:
Mask abilities: Along with enhancements to his speed, strength, and stamina Akane's mask allows him the following abilities:
Reiatsu Absorption: Akane's origin as a Shinigami allows him to produce his own reiatsu, much of which overflows causing the intense spirit pressure. When he dons his Vizard mask however, the Hollow part of him allows him to absorb that overflowing spirit pressure which gives him a powerful boost to his attacks. It isn't limited to just his own reiatsu however, Akane can also take it from other sources as well.

Mask Shielding: Akane's mask allows him to shrug off most of the damage dealt to him, until his mask breaks or he takes it off.

Power Augmentation: Along with having his Shinigami powers available to him, Akane can also draw power from the Hollow part inside of him. The combination of these powers is far greater than either Shinigami or Hollow could ever hope to achieve on its own.
Hollow powers: Sonido/Shunpo combination (in a nutshell, just a slightly faster less exerting form of both.) and a basic cero which is never used.

Extra Notes: Akane will not fight to the death or incapacitating injury unless absolutely necessary. He will fight until there is a clear victor before leaving.

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PostSubject: New Character D;   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2009 11:57 pm

Name: Xander Shamal
Age: Appears 19
Sex: Male
Appearance: Tall body with a slim to medium build and he has average muscle tone. His face is slim, with a slightly pointed chin, a flat nose and narrow jaw. He has barely tanned skin, probably on account of his private nature, spending a lot of time indoors.
Hair: He has long, straight, black hair that is parted down the middle and goes down past his shoulders.
Eye color: Green
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 175 Pounds
Weakness: Because the source of his combat is his agility and speed, he has not put appropriate development into his overall strength. Although it is not a great difference, his Zanpakuto seems to have increased power at night. He also cannot track spiritual pressure if his life depended on it, not having a good grasp on anything that isn’t his Zanpakuto.
Distinctive marks: He has a complex design of tribal tattoos that cover his entire upper body, arms, and neck. They are more malicious in appearance than that of Arabai Renji’s, and circle around the X tattooed on his right shoulder (in that location). The ink is black in color. He also has two scars on his face. One horizontally across his nose, and another vertically across his right eye.
<b>Clothing: </b>
Head wear: None
Top: He wears two layers for his upper level. He wears a sleeveless shirt that has a U-neck to it; this shirt has a white line that runs from the right shoulder to the bottom, but only in the back. While the second layer he wears is a sleeveless trench coat, which is also black and has a tattered bottom (Which reaches down to his feet). The belt loops on the coat, if they where once that, now have a light silver chain fitted through them, which is tied around the last loops on each side with plenty of chain to spare, so that the chain will not fall out. It is known for formal occasions, he wears a white trench coat, which seems to have been modified for formal gatherings, but is hardly worn because of the memories of the Soul Society, and his family.
Pants: He wears tattered black pants, another silver chain looped through to act as a belt, but the pants are fitted perfectly, so the chain is only for aesthetics. There are a number of holes in these pants, but only seem to be noticeable over the knees and around the ankle area.
Hand wear: His hands are wrapped in bandages, allowing enough room for his fingers to show.
Shoes: He wears black high top sneakers, which have no notable characteristics other than they are shoes… and they are black.
<b>Gigai Clothing: </b>
Head wear: He wears a brimmed toque (beanie, whatever) which is dark blue in color, which he usually wears backwards.
Top: A white t-shirt with a black stripe through the middle underneath a light black and white checkered hoodie.
Pants: Black jeans with a number of patches with band name on them, noteable ones are: Bullet for My Valentine, All That Remains, Slipknot. Headphone cables can be seen coming from his left pocket, ‘threaded’ under his shirt and one headphone in his left ear nearly all the time.
Hand wear: None
Shoes: White sneakers with a green sole. He has scribbled on the top of the left one.

Personality: He is a quiet individual, usually keeping to himself in most situations, and can be resistant of social activities or locations. He is kind, but has a sharp tongue when pissed off, and is very defendant of that which he believes in, but even he doesn’t know what that is anymore.
Likes: Reading, Quiet locations, sleeping, eating, hanging around with friends.
Dislikes: Bright sudden lights, starting fights, social activities, most people.
Division: Was a member of 12th, Now Exiled
Seat: Not Applicable
<b>Zanpakuto :</b>
Zanpakuto’s name: Tsukigari (Moon Edge)
Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: The blade is divided down the middle into two halves of white and black, which are inversed (the opposite of normal zanpakuto’s.) The blade has an elongated tsuba which has the imprint of a full moon on one side, then a quarter moon on the other. The blade is longer than most Zanpakutos, with a length of 4’6”. The guard itself is gray, with four spike-like pattern ‘edges’ emerging from it.
Shikai release words: “Rise and Set, Dark Light. Tsukigari.”
Shikai appearance: A dark light wraps around his body and is expelled, showing that the tattoos that once covered his body are now white. His blade is slightly wider than a normal Zanpakuto and has a small partition down the middle in which to catch the enemy’s blade.
Shikai abilities:
-Kurozansatsu (Black Massacre): Dark energy forms in the space between the blades and is expelled with a swing of the sword. The energy moves in a concentrated wave at a high speed, exploding in a small dark explosion on impact with the ground or another body.
-Kurokata (Dark Shape): When Xander uses his Shunpo, he can use the dark energy that is released from his blade to make a temporary afterimage of himself, to make it appear that he has never moved. The energy has enough time to make a few movements before fading so Xander can make an attack.
Bankai's name: Kouki Kattitsukigari (Final Cutting Moon Edge)
Bankai appearance: The blade shines with a brilliant light, and the space between the blade is filled with another edge that is slightly larger than the blade. It fills the space, and creates a jagged edge on the blade. This fills acts like a way to fuse the two sides of the blade together, making it thinner.
Bankai ability:
- Kurozansatsu (Black Massacre): Dark energy forms in the space between the blades and is expelled with a swing of the sword. The energy moves in a concentrated wave at a high speed, exploding in a small dark explosion on impact with the ground or another body. This form is much larger than the shikai version.
-Mugen-naito (Infinite Night): Xander will run his down the surface of his blade so the white blade in the middle gathers around his hand, and shatters and reforms above the battlefield as twenty eight to thirty one silver moons (the number is variant on the month). These moons are condensed energy, and are used as portals or to reform into one copy at a time (each copy take one or three moons, depending on the mastery of Bankai, and the length of time the clone will be in effect). Xander is not the only one who can use these moons to warp around the arena, but also his opponent, although they have less of an idea where they will end up because the portals work in a chain. You go in one, and you will always come out of the same one. Xander can control a few moons at a time, but the number is usually very low. Energy attacks cannot be transferred through these portals, it is in a sense nullified, unless the portal is opening for Xander as he moves through it. This acts as his final form of Bankai.
Kido: None
Other weapons: None
History: He resided in Great Britain while he was alive, but nothing is known of his past life. He lived in a small rural household in the Soul Society, and when he was deemed fit from his parents, or who he assumed where his parents, he departed from the farm to attempt to gain access in the Shinigami Academy. After many years of hard work, he was found fit to be a Shinigami and was appointed to the 12th squad. He began to gain more and more respect for his work, although he had no ambition or chance of becoming a captain or lieutenant, he was thought of highly by a few captains. But his life took a turn for the worse when one day in the human world, his body began to reject what it was, and his own process of hollowfication began. He managed to overtake his hollow by his own means, but it also left him as an exile from the Soul Society, the squad members he was with reporting his transformation. Now he lives wherever he can in the human world, trying to get back home, or just get over it. But with such conflicting views, he doesn’t seem know what to do next, only what to do ‘now’.
Add on Vizard:
Mask appearance: He has a mask that has an elongated chin that points down a short distance past his neck. He has two vertical stripes that run down the front and over both eyes, and a jagged jaw line, with pointed teeth. The mask moves back past the ear and behind his head and runs down a part of his neck, but does not make contact with it, because it could cause his head to become rigid.
Mask abilities: As Xander dons his Hollow mask, a notable speed increase is noticed.
Hollow powers: On occasion he will use Cero, but it is rare.
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 3:01 pm

Name: Kagi Yuri
Age: looks 23 but is 189
Sex: male
Appearance: Tall body but with a medium/heavy build. A round chin, pointed nose, thin brows, average spaced eyes, thin lips, and average set ears.
Hair: Black/purple spiked but side buzzed
Eye color: Purple
Height: 6'2'
Weakness: His strength taking some the space where his speed should be and that when he gets frustrated in a fight he gets careless.
Distinctive marks: A scar that runs from the back of his hand and up to his shoulder.
Clothing:casual jeans and any comfortable T-shirt
Head wear: (not needed)
Top: a purple hoody with green circles on it
Pants: black jeans
Hand wear: Crimson/black swirled rings on his middle fingers
Shoes: flip flops
Gigai Clothing:
Head wear: (not needed)
Hand wear: (not needed)
Shoes: (not needed)

Personality: Calm, obsevant, and insane. He talks some but when he does everyone tries to listen because it is usually imporrtant. He can be a good listener and always tells someone what should bee there best intrest from what they tell him.
Likes: his manga and other books
Dislikes: anyone who gets in his way of what he wants
Division: (0-13, you need permission to join the 0 division)
Seat: (Seats go from 1-10, captain is 1, vice captain is 2)
Zanpakuto’s name:Kusari(chain)
Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: a katana
Shikai release words: "Trill Kusari!!"
Shikai appearance: A huge 7 foot long sword with a wieghted chain on the hilt.
Shikai abilities: The chain can lengthen to 30 meters and when chain is spun a shield is created, and the abilitie to travel through gateways to other dimentions.
Bankai's .name: Kashou Kusari (Singing Chain)
Bankai appearance:A massive scythe with two chains on it. It is Putple and dark emerald green giving it a sinister look. It has a tird chain that connects the chain to a Cleaver like sword of the same appererance.
Bankai ability: It has the ability to find anyone anywhere exactly and bring it to them. Also to redirect any attack around from one chain through the other.also incrreasing his speed by five times.
Other weapons:
History: He was born in France but moved to Japan shortly after he was born. He was born into a rich family and was highly educated for the time he was growing up in.He grew up watching spirits and hollows at night, watching the shinigami defeat them with their kido and Zanpakuto. He discovered his hollow side when he was 16 as it influenced his attitude towards his family. He ran away at 18 leaving his life behind to look for answers to his problem. At the age of 23 he stumbled upon his answer, other Vizards, and mastered his inner hollow.
Add on Vizard:
Mask appearance: a basic visor with a circle on the back of the head that is connected by five strands of the mask. the markings are deep putple and green but only run through the horizontal band (purple)and the verticle strip and down the midlle of the mask in a crack pattern (green)
Mask abilities: Inhanced strength
Hollow powers: purple/black lightning cero

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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 3:44 am

Name: Vincent Kai
Age:looks 13 but is 100

Hair: white with black highlight
Eye color:Hazel but in battle one why yellow and the other red
Weight:130 pounds
Weakness:girls and tall places
Distinctive marks: marks on right and left arm
Clothing: black long sleeve shirt and blues skinny pants
Head wear: green hate
Top:black long sleeve shirt with kanji of death on back
Pants:skinny blue pants
Hand wear: black gloves
Shoes: black etnies(basiclly something comfortable)
Gigai Clothing:white long sleeve shirt and black shorts
Head wear: green hat
Top:white long sleeve shirt
Pants:black shorts
Hand wear: red glove on right hand with out the fingers
Shoes: flip flops

Personality:calm, but likes to fight alot
Likes:RAMEN, shonen jump, girls fighting,
Dislikes:people that talk alot and cool people
Division: 10
Seat: former captain seat 1

Zanpakuto’s name:Hyrin~maru(ice) and Ginso~maru(fire)(duel zanpakuto
Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance:normal sword but more in a dagger state
Shikai release words:Fire: rise your flaming spikes, Ginso~maru
Ice: freeze the spikes and the hollows Hyrin~maru
Shikai appearance:
Shikai abilities:fire and ice
Bankai's name: Hyrin~Ginso~maru
Bankai appearance:
Bankai ability:still fire and ice and grows 4 wings 2 ice and 2 fire wind
Kido: i dont use kido much but i use six bars of light
Other weapons:daggers and throwing knives
History: was friends with Toshiro Hitsugaya, died in a car accident. had lots of friends and was a good drawer. loved many things but never got to do much do to the illness i had.
Add on Vizard:
Mask appearance:red mark on the Chin. red marks on each cheek. yellow marks going from the eye holes going up to the top of the mask. something like hornes in the top(more like growths) and a blue mark going from the growths to the top of the mask to parts of the eyes( i will upload a picture on deviantart later)
Mask abilities: increases strength and increases spirital pressure
Hollow powers: Maroon Cero and limb regeneration if cut off in hollow form
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PostSubject: Kyte   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 10:03 pm

Name: Kyte, now Oratosa Kyte

Age: 522

Sex: Male


Hair: Dark Brown

Eye color: Dark Green

Height: 6'3

Weight: 158

Weakness: lacks defence

Distinctive marks: none

Clothing: a shirt and cargo pants

Head wear: none

Top: a white semi long sleeve shirt

Pants: black cargo pants

Hand wear: black wrist bands

Shoes: regular black and white Nike

Gigai Clothing: a shirt and cargo pants

Head wear: (not needed)

Top: a white semi long sleeve shirt

Pants: black cargo pants

Hand wear: black wrist bands

Shoes: regular black and white Nike

Personality: kind and strong willed, likes to have fun every now and then, somewhat closed off from others

Likes: pizza, hamburgers, a good fight

Dislikes: being bored, talked down to, taking orders

Division: formerly of the 11th

Seat: third seat, but like Ikkaku his power was that of a captain

Zanpakuto: a Katana sword

Zanpakuto’s name: Kuroryuu *translates to Black Dragon*

Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: looks like Yamato with a black hilt

Shikai release words: Annihilate

Shikai appearance: a completely black sword that is as long as his body and almost just as wide

Shikai abilities:

Kurai Honoo, a semi-circular wave made of black fire that is in many ways simalar to Getsuga Tenshou, these waves can burn the very air,

Funka, flaming pllars that come up from under the opponent or wherever Kyte wants them to,

Kyougaku Shuuha, a fully circular wave made of black fire that happens when Kyte spins in a complete circle while unleashing Dark Blaze,

Enkou Tou, basically Squalls Blasting Zone,

Honoo Shi-rudo, a spherical barrier made of black fire that Kyte can use to protect himself

Bankai's name: Tenma Kuroryuu *translates to Demon Black Dragon*

Bankai appearance: this was drawn by a friend of mine

Bankai ability: Same as in Shikai only way more powerful

Kurai Honoo, a semi-circular wave made of black fire that is in many ways simalar to Getsuga Tenshou, these waves can burn the very air

Funka, flaming pllars that come up from under the opponent or wherever Kyte wants them to,

Kyougaku Shuuha, a fully circular wave made of black fire that happens when Kyte spins in a complete circle while unleashing Kurai Honoo,

Enkou Tou, basically Squalls Blasting Zone,

Honoo Shi-rudo, a spherical barrier made of black fire that Kyte can use to protect himself

also it can unleash a dragon that appears to be made of black fire

Kido: hado 4 pale lightning,

hado 31 red flame cannon,

hado 33 pale fire crash,

hado number 90 black coffin,

Bakudo 8 Seki

Bakudo 61 six bars of light,

Bakudo 81 [I think] severing void,

Bakudo 99 part 1 restrict/part 2 Ban-Kin, Final Incantation Fatal Seal

Other weapons: his body

History: at one time Kyte was a member of the 11 squad, 3rd seat to be exact, although he hid it from his fellow squad members he was very good with Kido, he also learned Bankai while training on his own, this was also hidden from his fellow squad members, one day while training with his squad mates he suddenly went hollow and slaughtered his friends, after he regained control of himself he fled soul society in well as shame.

Add on Vizard:

Mask appearance:

Mask abilities: Advanced high speed regeneration

Hollow powers: Sonido, Bala, Cero *color black*, Tenma Kuroryuu Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Tenma Kuroryuu Gran Rey Cero

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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 11:58 pm


Name: Oratosa Keihime
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 20, been around for nearly 100 years
D.O.B: 1st June
Height: 5’4
Weight: 55kg
Occupation: Vizard
History: Oratosa Keihime was a pure hearted woman, who held an unreachable dream; to help every soul be they whole or hollow find peace.

She was born into the soul society and was the daughter of Oratosa Kibu; the head of their family. The Oratosa household is party to numerous souls who have risen in the ranks of the shinigami and become legends. After her fathers passing her elder brother Oratosa Keiki became the leader, at a tender age of 16 (of course he was well over the age in duration standards) Kibu had raised his son for greatness, and Keiki rose to be a fine shinigami, yet Keihime however was a different story.

His beloved daughter had held the appearance of her late mother, who had died at child birth. Leading many to believe that giving birth in a gigai could be hazardous, Keihime had never been told that she was a cause of her mothers death, while Kibu himself simply covered it up with a ‘It was her time to be reborn as a human’ speech. Kibu tried to raise his daughter from the difficulties of battle and war, hunger and suffering, he wanted to keep her pure as the day she was born.

Keihime had never had any prior intentions to join the shinigami of the gotei 13, her heart was set on merely playing beautiful music. She was given a bamboo flute and soon became a master, loving nothing more then sharing her feelings with others by song. However one day she had went with her bother to so she could play her songs in front of his friend Jin and hopefully they could form a relationship to better the clan, but on the way there, Keihime had witnessed her first true outlook on life.

They were walking through Rukongai district, and witnessed a fight between a citizen and a newly graduated shinigami, who seemed to take his new position alittle to highly. In short the whole was beaten badly, such a sight should not be witnessed, for he looked barely recognizable, Keihime had wandered on ahead getting to know a small child while her brother was left behind, but he had caught up as soon as the shinigami was about to commit a horrible crime. Keiki drew his own zanpuktou and defeated the smug shinigami, he had discovered that the new shinigami had attacked this man because he accidently bumped into him and did not apologize.

While glancing over at his sister, Keiki embraced her to shield her from the gore and violence, she was distraught and had never thought someone could be so cruel. After that day, Keihime went on regular walks into the lesser districts seeing how the higher classes treated the lower left her feeling sick. None should act that way towards others. Keihime and her brother had been taught to set great examples, and be shining lights for those who needed help, and it was here that she decided to become a shinigami, in an act to save everyone, to show the other shinigami how they should act properly and save every soul she could to allow them to be sent to rest in peace.

Throughout her years in the academy, she had helped many to better themselves, and she could see that such smugness was gone. With this bit completed, she could try to graduate and soon help others who need her.

Keihime was skilful enough to be placed into the 1st division, which only her brother had once been in. She rose to third seat, and went on various missions. However everytime she had to fight, she could see that poor soul back in rukongai, and always hesitated. She was scared to fight, there was always a part inside her that could rise up and be just like that heartless one, she hated causing others pain, but knew that she would have to inflict pain onto the hollows for a brief moment so they can be judged, and either be cleansed or sent to hell.

As time went by Keihime was sent on a solo mission to Karakura town where she encountered a Vizard. She had been told stories a thow they could not be trusted and how their abilities could bring ruin to sei rei tei, so she began a pursuit, not to defeat, but to find out more. The two encountered hollows, and as all seemed to be lost, yet another Vizard appeared; this one was strikingly more different than the other. His appearance, his posture, even the way he moved seemed to bring about some sort of longing in everyone. She did not know that this Vizard (The Vizard prince Norichi) and the other (Kyte) would later be the ones who saved her from a menos attack, by turning her into one of them, she had escaped her journey to the next plain of existence.

Currently she stays in one of Mitsuki Norichi’s mansions, still trying to hold onto that dream of peace, yet also now, protecting the humans. However after the failed attempt of execution by her own uncle Oratosa Jai, to keep the family honour she now awaits the day when Keiki would come to kill her…


Physical: Keihime is a very swift girl, possessing a lightweight body and nice luscious curves. While many women posses that quality to want large breasts, Keihime however differs she herself has breast which are not big, yet not small either; the perfect size. Hailing from a noble family Keihime is always seen standing in an upright and straight position, having the perfect posture, if she hunches or anything similar you know something mentally or physically would be doing her harm. Her body itself is somewhat pear shaped, she does have long piano fingers though and her skin so pale as snow seems to only illuminate her bright emerald eyes.
Eyes: {Green} as bright as emeralds, holding an all knowing gaze.
Hair: {Black} Very long, it reaches down behind her knee caps once down, but is almost always seen pulled back in a high ponytail with several free strands of her hair weaving around the initial ponytail giving it an elaborate pattern. Her fringe is parted to her right side.
Garments: {Top} a tank top which is white with lace trimming and thing lace straps. {Pants} Black three quarter tights. Sometimes she wears black rectangular glasses which act as a mere fashion statement because she can see perfectly.


Personality: Keihime is a rare creature in all senses. Many people these days do not mind violence and have been grown up in it. However she was raised devoid of such things, and thus, when she first witnessed it, she could not bear it. She disdains fighting all together but will fight only to send those souls so they can find peace. She is a kind woman, yet can be somewhat quiet. Although when she speaks her voice is simply like that of an angels, and nearly always presented in a whisper.
Likes: Nice tranquil places to relax, Simplicity, peace, a challenge of the minds.
Dislikes: Fighting, people who force themselves down upon her and those who assume they are correct, without knowing anything.
Strengths: speed, agility, resilience, resourceful, light weight defence
Weaknesses: strength, heavy defence, stamina


Name: Manten Gensou {Illusion}
Spirit appearance: Manten Gensou appears in the form of an ethereal woman. Appearing to imitate Keihime’s appearance, however her eyes and hair are both snow white like her skin, wearing a white torn dress. Manten Gensou does not have the ability to speak to Keihime, because she has no voice, so the two seem to communicate by emotion or physical gestures. However if it is something important Manten Gensou can touch Keihime and send her a vision of what she means. It is suggested that Manten Gensou inherited this ability from a long line of seers which would explain her ethereal demur.
Sealed state appearance: A Katana, white sheath and hilt
Shikai release: ‘Come forth and return to our worlds Obake Manten Gensou {Spectre Illusion}’
Shikai appearance: Manten Gensou takes on the form of two double souba blades, identical to eachother however one is white while the other is black, suggesting that the two could represent both Manten Gensou and Keihime.
Shikai abilities: {Maboroshi Feizu (Phantom Phase)}: Her blades appear almost transparent as they glow an eerie white, this allows her blades to fade in and out of existence i.e. once it is activated Keihime’s blades can move through any object without a higher concentration of spiritual energy then Manten Gensou’s own, while is it does hold spiritual energy either the same or greater then Manten Gensou she is only able to move through it partially.
Bankai release: Ukiyo Shirohato Genkaku {Fleeting Dove hallucination}
Bankai appearance: {Whip Chain} Iron steel Whip Chains are constructed of chrome plated steel with 4-ring links and 3 inch sections. It has 11 sections measuring 55 inches in all
Bankai abilities: {Maboroshi Shinshoku (Phantom fading truth)} A more potent phantom fading ability, which does allow her weapon to move through anything.

{Rasen Kanka (Spiral Separation of world)} In this ability Keihime’s chain sever from their bonds and are spread out along the ground in a spiral shape, with Keihime in the centre. If you try to enter this spiral, they emit a shock into the ground they send transparent ghostly clones of themselves under it and they shot up at you from below, both swiftly and unexpectedly. Once done she has no weapon to defend herself, however she can call the severed sections of the chains back to her, and move them at will.

{Shibomu Youma Atsu (Fading ghost force)}: For only an instant this can make Keihime completely transparent just as her blades, but only for a second, two if she plans on killing herself. This ability puts a tremendous amount of pain on her body, although it allows her to pass through something, this can only be done once every 3 months (because it takes that long for her to recover) and she will be rendered virtually useless. This is mostly used when she needs to escape a fatal blow.


Bakudo~Way of Binding:

- Bakudo #1 Sai (Restrain) - Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.
- Bakudo #4 hainawa (Crawling Rope) - An energy rope entangles a target's arms.
- Bakudo #9 Geki (Strike) - Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them.
- Bakudo#61 Rikujokoro (Six Rods Prison of Light) - Summons six wide beams of energy that slam into the opponents mid-section holding them in place.
- Bakudo#81 Danku (Splitting Void) - Summons an energy barrier in
rectangular shape capable of stopping up to Level #89 Hadou Spells.
Hado~ Way of Destruction:

- Hado #1 Sho (thrust) – Pushes the target away from the caster.
- Hado #4 Byakurai (White Lightning) - Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger.
- Hado #33 Sohkatsui (Blue Fire Crash Down) – Fires a wave of blue energy at the target.


Mask appearance: Seems to be in the appearance of a teardrop, completely white with green swirls going along it.
Mask abilities: Increased speed, recover time.
Hollow powers: Shunpo, Cero, Gran Rey Cero


• The Oratosa clan is one of the few shinigami families who actually give birth to souls, while many would adopt beings into their family, the Oratosa clan stays purely by the bloodline.
• The Oratosa clan is a noble and truthful family, if one of their own has betrayed the soul society, they will eliminate their own brethren to keep their family honourable.
• Keihime continues to play the flute and while being a master at it, she is currently teaching herself to play the piano while finding the large instrument in Norichi’s manner.
• Jin; the nobleman that Keihime could’ve had a life with, still seems to hold some desires for her. Unknown to her, she might encounter him one day soon.
• After the failure of Oratosa Jai’s attempt to kill his own niece, the duty to execute Keihime falls to her older brother Keiki; the leader of their household.
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PostSubject: My Vizard!!   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 10:48 pm

Basic Stats
Name: Hachiro Zetsumei

Age: 18 (human) 180 (shinigami)

Sex: Male

Appearance:Earring on left ear average height, young appearance but some age as well in facial appearance.

Hair: Short clean cut , dirty blonde, pointed sideburns

Eye color: Green

Height:5' 9


Weakness: Because of his large array of offensive abilities his defense is lacking somewhat.
________________________________________ ______________________________________
Clothing:White Zip up hoodie (open) Resembles a captains coat. With Fur Lining on the hood.

Top:white under shirt, silver necklace

Pants:denim jeans

Hand wear: cut off finger gloves (black)

Shoes: Black and white skater type shoes

Gigai Clothing: Same as street clothing
________________________________________ ______________________________________
Personality: Likes to stay out of troublesome matters but will put forth his greatest effort when defending the innocent and those close to him, he's cocky and loves the women.

Likes:Watching a good fight, Eating, and women.

Dislikes:When guys hit on him!! lol.

Division: Former 7th squad division member, For his love of fighting.

Seat: 5th seat under Yumichika Ayasegawa
________________________________________ ______________________________________
Zanpakuto Information
Zanpakuto: Green hilt, with cross shaped hand guard (Like a christian cross, having nothing to do with religion)

Zanpakuto’s name: Tsuin Okamaru (Twin Wolves)

Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: Green hilt, with cross shaped hand guard

Shikai release words: Raise your heads and Howl! Tsuin Okamaru!!

Shikai appearance: Twin Black Machetes, With fur lining on their hilts [link] (Minus fur lining)

Shikai abilities: A swing from either blade has the ability to fire a blast of energy like a scratch from a giant wolf.

Bankai's name: Ooji Tsuki Tsuin Okamaru (Princes of the Moon Twin Wolves)

Bankai appearance: The Twin Machete turn into Twin Wolves with black fur and green lit eyes, Hachi's ear come to a point and his eyes glow green as well, His nails grow long and come to a deadly point.

Bankai ability: Hachi: - Nails are as hard as the blade of a zanpakuto and even sharper
- His eyesight is connected to the eyesight of his two zanpakuto (Whatever they see he sees)
- Both Hachi and his two wolf companions shoot green gran rey cero from their mouths
Okamaru: - Claws
- Super speed
- Green cero
Combined Attack: Tri-Wolf Royal Cero - Both Hachi and Okamaru join together, hachi places his hands on the two wolfs back's, They Charge up a triple beamed cero.
________________________________________ _______________________________________
- Way of destruction # 4: White Lightning
- Way of binding # 61: One Hundred Step Rails
- Way of destruction # 11: Bound Lightning
________________________________________ _______________________________________
History and Vizard Info
History: A former member of the Gotei 13's 7th division squad under kenpachi zaraki, eventually hachi was taken over by his inner hollow and knew he couldnt remain in soul society, so he exiled himself from there and found people just like him, the vizard, and he now works to protect karakura town along with all other vizards.

Mask appearance: [link]

Mask abilities: Hightened sense, Significantly higher speed and strength (such as speed you up, increases strength etc. Start up Vizard can only have one)

Hollow powers: Green Cero and Gran Rey Cero, Sonido, Other basic Vizard powers

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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 12:49 am

Name: Mukizu {Perfect} Kijirushi {Madman}

Age: Unknown {Looks around Hitsugayas age}

Sex: Male { Never had it before}


Mukizu has long lime green hair that goes half down his back. It also covers half of his face. His color is very bright. Even though its lime green it has a more yellow look to it. It changes colors depending on his surrounding.

Eye color:
His eye color is lime green also. Its style is like Sasori {Naruto Shippuuden}. They have a lifeless appearance to them. One glance into them you would the feeling of a very cold personality; a heartless vibe, the intent to kill you on site.

Height: 5'6

Weight: Hes around 120

Weakness: He lacks in physical strength, but his speed and spiritual energy makes up for it.

Distinctive marks: None


Head wear: He has three ring piercings in each ear. The cartilage only.

He has on a white jacket with a hood. Around the rim of the hood is black fur. He usually wears his hood, but it reveals his hair in the front. The strings dangle from his hood down to his chest .Under his jacket, Mukizu wears a dark green shirt. On the green shirt is a black microphone. Around his neck is a necklace made of skulls. His finger nails are black.

He has on a pair of black skinny jeans, but they have a baggy look to them. He has a skull chain hooked on to them.

Hand wear: None

He has a pair of mid-top converses{Chuck taylors}. They are black, yellow,and white. On the side where the star isnt on it has a white skull that looks as if its dripping or something.

Mukizu is a very mature person, he's very quiet depending on his mood. When it comes to fighting he isn't very interested, unless he has found a worthy test subject{mostly arrancar}. When there is a mystery that has to be solved; Hes the one that thinks dissecting a suspect is the best thing for the current situation. Hes very calm. He doesn't go looking for fights.

He enjoys cutting things, conducting experiments, and hard candy. He loves lemon flavored lollipops. The color yellow and green are is favorite also.

To him there isn't much to dislike. He doesn't like to be defied. It really pushes his buttons, even though he doesn't express it.

Division: Former 12th

Seat: 1

Mukizu's zanpakuto is a female by the name of "Yurikisai". She's very beautiful, the dream of a billion men. Too bad her attitude isn't as attractive. She's very violent and vulgar. Being released arouses her, so she willingly gives Mukizu all of her powers. They have a pretty close bond. If she was released into the real world as her natural self they would ne married. She gets really jealous when mUkizu is with other females and purposely seals her powers away. Yurikisai is around five feet tall. She has long white hair that glows and dangles past her shoulders. Her eyes are pink and they have a very serious look to them. she has a piercing in her eyebrow. She has a very nice body. You already know her measurements. She wears clothing that reveals much of her body. Razz

Zanpakuto’s name: Yurikisai {Tremor Queen}

Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance:
In her sealed state "yurikisai" look like your average zanpakuto. Nothing special. She has a white sheath, golden guard, and a black handle. The little end cap at the end of the handle is golden also.

Shikai release words: Come forth queen of queens, Yurikisai

Shikai appearance:
Once released Yurikisai's blade extends to around three feet long. The handle remains the same length. Yurikisai is a very beautiful zanpakuto. The sheath is a pearl white with a gorgeous design on it. The design consist of bells that seemed to be inked and carved into it. The handle of this zanpakuto is pink. The gaurd is white gold and so is the cap at the end of the handle. Overall the total length of this zanpakuto is four feet long. The blade of Yurikisai is silver and within it are a series of bells{Approx. 6}. The bells are the size of your average kiwi. Although they are this size the don't cover the sharp part of the blade so it doesn't keep Mukizu from cutting.

Shikai abilities:
Yurikisai is a sound based zanpakuto. Its capable of manipulating sound waves and vibrations to a certain extent by using the bells sealed inside of the blade. The bells are activated by the amount of spiritual energy forced into them which triggers them to automaticallly give off sound waves. He can do this upon will. He can send the sound waves through his zanpakuto to another weapon if they clash with his.The sound waves will affect the flow of spiritual energy, making it harder for them to draw out their powers. He can also amplify the sounds waves enabling him to release it a projectile type attack.

~Todoroki{Rumble}- Yurikisai starts to vibrate constantly and the bells start to spin rapidly. The zanpakuto then starts to leak spiritual energy which molds around the blade. "Todoroki" can be wielded like this. If wielded like this it holds great force behinds its attacks. Clashing with another weapon of some sort could prove to be disastrous. Its name doesn't stand for "rumble" for no reason. he can send these vibrations waves through the ground around him. This causes the earth to be manipulated upon will. For example he can cause it ripple like water.

Bankai's name: Yurikisai Nii Touji {Tremor Queen's New Reign} {roughly translated btw]

Bankai appearance:
The six bells that are implanted within the blade of his zanpkuto grow six times larger. The blade simplily disappears and the bells rotate around him. He gains a katana, but instead of having a blade it is like an iron pole. The handle of this katana is white, the guard is white gold, and so is the cap at the end of the handle. The gaurd itself is shaped like a bell, but it has no affect, His weapon isn't the only thing that changes. His outfit does also. His jacket that he normally wears is replaced by another. It is white and made of white fur. The hood of ths jacket is worn over his head revealing some of his hair. The jacket stops half down his back. He also gains a pair of black and white skull shaped earphones and a pair of white goggles with pink lenses. (Btw the bells are the size of a 40 inch rim)

Bankai ability: The zanpakuto's abilities are still the same plus Yurikisai(Zanpakuto) and Mukizu(shinigami) have new ones. The old ones attacks are enhanced and have a more deadly affect. The katana acts as adrum stick. By striking a bell, the bells gives off sound waves. The pole like katana vibrates at an intense rate. The bells can also be launched at an opponent.

~ Seika{Sacred song}- Mukizu strikes one of the bells, causing it to give off a sound wave. The sound wave doesn't affect his opponent physically, but mentally. The sound waves travel to the ears of an being and affects the brain. It messes with their motor skills, causes their vision to become blurry, dizzyness, and nausea. All of these things don't happen at once. They are some side affects. At least one will happen. though.

Kido: none

Other weapons: None.


Mukizu Kijirushi, The madman er boy of soul society. Mukizu was born into a royal family of doctors. He lived in a large home consisting of ten people including himself. He had seven siblings and of course a mother and father, but they were all killed. Mukizu had witnessed this, but was left alive. They showed mercy for the boy. Even though he watched his family die, it didn't phase him.., beacuse he had a very cold heart from the beginning. He doesn't show sadness nor fear. He doesn't show happiness. He shows no emotion. People of his town feared him, because of his physical traits. Green hair, green eyes, and fairly pale skin wasn't common around there. As he aged, people started to respect him more. People even shook his hand, but to him it dindn't matter if the did or not. He became a very intelligent young man. He began reading his families' old documents on the human body and how it worked. He also had found a folder that had top secret stamped on it in red letters. Inside had contained information on the hollowfication process, but he didn't search deep into this process for many years. As the years passed the gotei13 recognized this boy and he was placed into the academy. He was a well rounded student passing each course easily. He displayed his intelligence to the captains in the middle of a battle. He was then placed into a squad he was the youngest member of the 12th squad. The years porgressed quicly and so did he before you knew it, he was the captain of the 12th squad for many of years. During this time period, Mukizu had been conducting abnormal exercises on his owwn squad,to him they were mere pawns. He was testing the hollowfication process. He was the youngest person to ever use this. He gathered many test results and finally perfected it. All of his test subjects died except one and that was himself. Later, his crimes were revealed and he was banned from soul society. Now he lives in a city where other individuals like him live.

Add on Vizard:

Mask appearance:
His mask resembles that of an oni. It has three horns. Half of it has a green pattern designed into it. within the green pattern are a series of red lines that go horizontal from his right ear to the nose.

Mask abilities:
His speed and strength increases by tenfold. He can gain control over lesser hollows for a short period of time. It drains his spirutal energy at a fast rate so ten minutes at the most without pushing his limits..

Hollow powers:
Sonido and Cero
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Name:ginru konamura
Age:physical,20/25. real age 134
Appearance: looks dark and verry druid like,
Hair:jet black with bangs that cover one eye and is cut to nape of neck at back
Eye color:crimson
Height:6ft 4
Weakness:has a prosthetic left arm and has a fear of water. also does not know kido
Distinctive marks: has tribal tatoos on his right arm
Clothing: adopted the look of the espada after a confrontation with soska aisan
Head wear:none
Top: white with black border sortof resemblant to aisans except has no right sleave
Pants: the white bagy hakama pants sinched with a jet black cloth as a belt
Hand wear:none
Shoes: the traditional wood sandals
Gigai Clothing:
Head wear:hood on hoody
Top:a black hoody with tribal markings much like tatoos. has hood up most of the time
Pants: pair of tight fitting jeans
Hand wear:one black full glove on left hand and a fingerless black glove on right
Shoes:black and white sneackers

Personality:very dark and secluded rarely speaks to anyone except his zanpakuto
Likes:being alone, and as a contradiction to his personality enjoys watching sun set
Dislikes:water, public places and hollows
Division: 10
Zanpakuto’s name:kajitori(fire bird)
Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: like a normal lengtth katana with a hilt of red and white and a guard that that is a flame shape
Shikai release words: spread your wings and scorch the earth kajitori
Shikai appearance: the sword divides into two separate swords, the hilts are actual flaming feathers , and each blade resembles an out sreached wing of fire. also gives ginru a pair of wings made of ,you guesed it, fire
Shikai abilities: kajitori gives ginru the ability of flight and it generates a flame rivaling thet of ruyjinjakka, his swords also cut through any attaks if his opponents spiritual preasure is weaker than his
Bankai's name: (need permission to have Bankai)
Bankai appearance:
Bankai ability:
Other weapons:none
History:talks very little so very little is known other than while his inner hollow was loose he killed his wife and child now he vowes to kill the scum who awakened his inner hollow
Add on Vizard:
Mask appearance: looks like the skull face of a bird but wit teeth and with red lines that originate at the mouth and go to the chin and also goes to the back of the mask Mask abilities: it increases his flash step making him harder for enemies to lock on to
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Name: Jinn Akuzs
Age: looks 18 but is 200 years old
Sex: male
Appearance: black athletic build. Seems to have an bored look alot
Hair: Normal Fade
Eye color: hazel
Weakness:He gets bored easy with people
Distinctive marks: Has a tatoo on his right arm
Clothing: He wears normal black t-shirt,dark gray jeans and a long Black hoodie,wears arm guards and shin gaurds
Head wear: (not needed)
Shoes: Some black and white pumas
Gigai Clothing:
Head wear: (not needed)
Hand wear: (not needed)
Shoes: (not needed)

Personality:laid back person who loves to train,acts alittle absent minded but is a true genius which shines brightest in the midst of battle
Likes: Most people he meets, but doesn't think many are a match for him in battle
Dislikes:boring unorginal people
Division: Vizard
Zanpakuto: Im my mind looks alot like mace windu but has a scar on his left eye
Zanpakuto’s name: Fenikkusu
Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: They look like 2 normal sealed swords
Shikai release words: Rise from the ashes Fenikkusu
Shikai appearance: The hilts turn a metalic silver while the blade turns into my sprit energy shaped like my swords did before
Shikai abilities:Heat amd copy based: It lessens the effects of kido done and is able to copy another persons shikai ablity, but in order for it to be able to do that they must use it first then The swords dispers, say the release words again,and reappers in the shape of there weapon.
Other weapons:Short blade
History: He was a normal shimigami until one day he went with his captain to help fight of these appears of some Hollows, the one that he happened to be fighting had the ability to combine and take over the body of another person taking control of his body it made him fight his captain. Inside his mind thou he was fighting the hollow for control back but the more he got hurt the more he seemed to hollowfy on the outside. At the same moment he beat the hollow inside himself his captain decided there was no way to save him, attacking him to kill slashing him.Instead of him dipersing jinn disappered to Hueco Mundo.From there he suddenly appeared in a town awaking up in a strange town, only knowing his name
Add on Vizard:
Mask appearance: Its an all white mask that covers the whole face like a helmet. Has a red line going from the top all the way between the eyes then twin red lines going from under the eyes to the bottom of the mask
Mask abilities: High speed regenartion
Hollow powers: Cero slashes, sonido, bala
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 11:01 pm

Name:Kiza Tamaki Sompide
Age:18 when he died (really 369)
Weaknesses: easily distracted
Personality:dark, easily angered and caring
Former Gotei 13 Division:11
History:was considered an outcast because the unmistakeable bloodlust and the way he looked, and left because everyone wished he would die


Picture: none

Hair:long and black
Eyes:dark blue
Complexion: tan


Picture: none

Upper body: black trenchcoat
Mid Section: nothing
Lower body:black pants
Feet: sandles
Markings/ Tattoos: scar running over the left eye
Accessories: black makeup


Zanpaktou Name:sosona tokira sorato
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance:a woman dressed in a black dress who wears a pure white mask
Zanpaktou Sealed State Appearance: a staff

Zanpaktou Shikai Name: takani sotom
Zanpaktou Shikai Appearance: a scythe
Zanpaktou Shikai Abilities: launches a spirit energy wave
Zanpaktou Shikai Weakness(s): loss of spirit energy

Zanpaktou Bankai Name: seventa mistru
Zanpaktou Bankai Appearance:
Zanpaktou Bankai Abilities: increases range of attack and power
Zanpaktou Bankai Weakness: loss of emotion

~Vizard Mask~

Mask Appearance:black with fangs
Mask Abilities: increased speed
Vizard / Hollow Abilities: cero
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2010 1:29 am


Name:Shiro Morimoto
Age:100 years old/ looks like 17
Weaknesses: not fast , to slow
Personality: Shiro is too relaxed
Former Gotei 13 Division: he was the 22 seat of Squad 10
History: Shiro died when 15 in a construction site. He was alone for two years, he felt bitter. As the Hollowification process began once the Chain of Fate disappeared, the mask however already began to form first. In the middle of the transformation,A Shinigami came in and performed a konso. However, the Hollow that already began to form was forced into the center of his being, thus turning Shiro into a Vizard. Hollowfied Shiro was sent to the Soul Society. Shiro was raised in the 79th District in the Northern Rukongai, known as the Kusajishi District. He raised himself, no family, no friends. He lived in a violent place, Shiro was always hiding,running from danger. 5 years after he arrived there, he promised himself the he wanted to be strong enough to stop what hurt him, and scared him. So he entered the Academy. after 15 years of hard work, and studying, he made it to the 22nd in the 10th squad. Years passed and everything went smooth for him until one night Mayuri Kurotsuchi Captain of the 12th Division in the Gotei 13, had revealed to Central 46 of Shiro's identity as a Vizard . Because of this, Shiro was to be a test subject by Shinigami Research Institute to see how he became half hollow. Shiro didn't know what to when he heard the news. So he escaped to the real world to hide. The Seireitei's Stealth force had been looking for Shiro for 45 years but no success. Now Shiro Morimoto is considered dead.

Picture: CHARACTER SHEET Dark_side_shiro_by_Cayossj2

Height: 6"2
Weight: 196 pounds
Hair: brown
Eyes:Dark brown
Complexion: Light apricot
he wears Regular human clothes, carrying his zanpakuto in his back. He usually wears a black leather jacket, white V-shirt, black jeans, black and White Converse.
Picture: CHARACTER SHEET Shiro__s_Gigai_by_Cayossj2

Upper body: black leather jacket, white V-shirt
Mid Section: Black belt
Lower body:black jeans
Feet: black and White Converse.
Markings/ Tattoos: Three scars across his left eye
Accessories: none


Zanpaktou Name:Misuke Soma
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance:A sexy woman, has black hair, purple eyes, wears a short traditional dark purple dress with black moon designs all over the dress.
Zanpaktou Sealed State Appearance: a katana

Zanpaktou Shikai Name: Lunar eclipse
Zanpaktou Shikai Appearance: a huge zanpakuto ( looks like zangetsu but bigger )
Zanpaktou Shikai Abilities: brute force
Zanpaktou Shikai Weakness(s): its too big and heavy

Zanpaktou Bankai Name: none
Zanpaktou Bankai Appearance: none
Zanpaktou Bankai Abilities: none
Zanpaktou Bankai Weakness: none


{Kido is Optional and has limits, do not have a lot of kido without permission}

Hado: {none
Bakudo: {none

~Vizard Mask~

Mask Appearance: Is a white mask with with three purple lines across where his scars are and one bar on top of his right eye, no teeth, no nose, just eyes a
Mask Abilities: Gives more speed

Vizard / Hollow Abilities: regular cero
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PostSubject: The New Vizard   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2010 4:09 am

Name: Orin Higaraki
Age: 15 looking, actually just over 150
Gender: Male
Weaknesses: Poorly developed skills, and still fighting his hollow side in small confrontations
Personality: Orin is somewhat of a chameleon, blending in when necessary, he doesn't prefer confrontations, as they complicate things all together for his clouded mind, the mix of hollow and his shinigami self is slowly being torn apart at the seems, so he can reason, but not on an average human scale. While all this may seem like adding up against him, he really is quite strategic whenever it is required. He likes to be involved, but doesn't like to be directly involved in the conflict.
Former Gotei 13 Division: 1st Division, 9th Seat
History: While in the Soul society, a lot of things changed Orin's life, including his look on life itself. The young boy, simply dying at the age of 7 seven, because of a unwanted game of chicken with a van, and the van won with a shit ton of things to spare. Dying in the hospital, with several cranial injuries, as well as some severe lacerations in the arms and chest areas. Nevertheless, his soul was released to the Soul Society, where he met several of the heads at the time of his arrival, he wasn't all too assure of how things went, and he tried to get in through the Sekki Sekki, and he succeded, but not without alerting all of the Area within the Sekki Sekki, he was caught, and shoved put into a jail cell by the bastards of 6th Division, he was freed, but not without asking how he did it, he couldn't explain, due to the solid fact that he couldn't remember how he did it. They just realized his spiritual pressure was obviously greater then most of the other Rukongai residents. He was assigned to 11th Division as a Lieutenant, but was switched out because he did not like the always fight this, fight that sense of the squad. Being reassigned to 1st Division helped his aspects of things, and cleared the already tainted conscious of the young soul trapped within himself, though he couldn't think of why, he felt like there was two sides of him. The hollow side finally showed itself at Orin's 14th Birthday, where the mask totally covered his face in front of his squad members, and he had no idea what was going on. He felt, trapped, lost inside his own thoughts and mind. Whatever the case, he felt locked inside the Cage again, as in the 6th Division cages, which held him again, after the birthday incident, he had no memory of it, nothing at all. Whatever the case was, he escaped that night, and ran, ran so far away, the Senkeimon wide open, dashing through the large gates, he ended up in the middle of Tokyo, only to destroy half of it. Being ceased once again in that eerie shadow of his own thoughts, Orin fought his inner self, an exact opposite of his true self. Whatever the case, He barely came out the victor, and had some of Tokyo's greater buildings destroyed, then he proceeded to black out and crashed from the Skyscraper he was standing on, to the very bottom, all 49 stories. He felt all levels of pain, but shortly blacked out. Waking up in some strange new town, with people he never met. Of course, this is where he met some of the Vizard scouts that typically find newbie Vizards. After getting up to speed, he met the Overseer, and the Prince of the Vizards, seems as though they had a hierachal system among these people, who acted civilized.


Picture: {Optional}

Height: 5'1 (Still growing)
Weight: 120 Pounds
Hair: Shaggy silver hair, which is shoulder length.
Eyes: Silver, almost baby blue eyes
Complexion: Tanned caucasian


Picture: {Optional}

Upper body: Orin typically wears a black, skin tight leather shirt, and a black trench coat, that goes to his waist over that.
Mid Section: A black studded belt
Lower body: Torn, black faded jeans
Feet: White nikes, with streaks and markings of his mask on the shoes
Markings/ Tattoos: X shaped scar on his right hand.
Accessories: A solid gold locket with the picture of his parents in the locket, with him as a young child


Zanpaktou Name: Koori Kobura (Ice Cobra)
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance: A somewhat moving ice sculpture of a Cobra
Zanpaktou Sealed State Appearance: A white and baby hilted katana

Zanpaktou Shikai Name: Koori Kobura Rey (Ice Cobra King)
Zanpaktou Shikai Appearance: A basically white out version of Koori Kobura, only there is a baby-blue streak in the middle of the blade
Zanpaktou Shikai Abilities: Koori Kobura Rey has the ability to freeze enemies after multiple hits, but these hits have to connect within a certain time limit or else the opponent will not freeze
Zanpaktou Shikai Weakness(s): Fire Type Zanpakutos and Highly defensive Zanpakutos

Zanpaktou Bankai Name: Tsuin Koori Kobura Rey (Twin Ice Cobra King)
Zanpaktou Bankai Appearance: A double version of Koori Kobura Rey, but the blades are linked together with a baby blue chain that can allow Orin to swing the other blade as a flail style weapon
Zanpaktou Bankai Abilities: Basically a huge improvement on Koori Kobura Rey due to the Twin part, which allows Orin to connect his hits faster to give him more of chance to freeze his opponents. Also, Orin gains improvement of the 5 senses, which give him a slight advantage if the opponent is trying to do a long range or sneak attack on him.
Zanpaktou Bankai Weakness: Well-trained Bankais, as Tsuin Koori Kobura Rey has not yet been mastered, or hardly tapped into, which is why there is so little information.


Hado: None, Orin typically blows himself or uses the Hado or Kido on himself whenever trying to use one.


~Vizard Mask~

Mask Appearance: A white mask with baby-blue streaks on it, with black streaks under the baby blue streaks.
Mask Abilities: Increased Zanpakuto control

Vizard / Hollow Abilities: Sonido, Bala.
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2010 10:36 pm

Name: mika ima
Age: 17
Gender: female
Weaknesses:is a slow runner
Personality: shy, kind, quiet, single minded easygoing holes gouges when she angry

Former Gotei 13 Division: squad 10

History: she was a nice person she always help everyone she entered the soul society when soifon did she was going to the first division she needed to get somthing whe azine told her that he needed her help took her to soul society gate when the were in front it he stab her and threw her into the homen world



Hair: silver
Complexion: tan



Upper body: {Shirt, coat etc}
Mid Section: {Belts, sashes, whips anything around the waist}
Lower body:{Pants, skirts, shorts, etc}
Feet: {Shoes or bare feet}
Markings/ Tattoos: {Scars, wounds, tattoos on the body, where are they located?}
Accessories: {watches, hats, necklaces all the small stuff}


Zanpaktou Name:nyoko
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance:Phoenix
Zanpaktou Sealed State Appearance: katana

Zanpaktou Shikai Name: fly nyoko
Zanpaktou Shikai Appearance: {a staff
Zanpaktou Shikai Abilities: {making torndos
Zanpaktou Shikai Weakness(s): water

Zanpaktou Bankai Name: {nyokohime}
Zanpaktou Bankai Appearance: {Secondary release appearance –NOTE DO NOT FILL THIS IN UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE ADMINS}
Zanpaktou Bankai Abilities: {What is it able to do}
Zanpaktou Bankai Weakness: {Its weakness}


{Kido is Optional and has limits, do not have a lot of kido without permission}

Hado: {List of Hado based kido}

Bakudo: {List of Bakudo based kido}

~Vizard Mask~

Mask Appearance: a beak
Mask Abilities: increase speed

Vizard / Hollow Abilities: cero
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2010 4:09 am


Name: Torin
Age: Appears to be 27
Gender: Male
Weaknesses: He has poor defenses and can't stand very bright lights. Cannot perform any Kido.
Personality: Torin comes off very cold and anti-social. He doesn't really mind talking but on most occasions he chooses not to. Every once in a while he appears to be sad but this is rare, as he usually tends to be somewhat emotionless. Torin is easily annoyed when people call him by his hated nickname, Tory.
Former Gotei 13 Division: 10th
History: Torin wasn’t a very noteworthy shinigami when he was part of the Gotei 13. He lived a simple life married to a woman named Luna, carrying out his duties simply because it was required of him.
That soon changed though.
Thirty years after he became a shinigami he ran into a man he didn’t recognize. Before he could figure out what was happening the man had already defeated him and he was in the real world with only a few memories of his past life. Even his last name was lost to him. He became distant as his previous life faded and soon found he had powers he hadn’t had before. Torin wandered around the real world for two years, training by killing hollows (one of the only things he did remember from his past life) and trying to get stronger.
Now he searches for the man who attacked him that night so many years ago, hoping he can regain his memories in the process…


Picture: None

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 143lbs
Hair: Almost white. Long (about to shoulder blades) and tied back in a ponytail. Bangs are relatively long and cover the right side of his face, being shorter on the left side.
Eyes: Stormy gray colored and narrow.
Complexion: Very Pale.


Picture: None

Upper body: Black shirt, similar to the normal shinigami garb but also a bit like a tunic. Short, torn sleeves.
Mid Section: A white sash which he uses to hold his Zanpaktou.
Lower body: Black pants, similar to normal shinigami clothing.
Feet: Tabi or thin sandals.
Markings/ Tattoos: Scar through his left eye, tattoo of the number one on his left shoulder, faint scar around neck, various other scars on chest and back.
Accessories: Various earrings in both ears. Eye patch over right eye.


Zanpaktou Name: Yami Musha
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance: A beautiful woman with long black hair and a blindfold covering her eyes. Black tattoo-like marks cover her skin and she wears black clothing.
Zanpaktou Sealed State Appearance: A medium length, black katana like sword.

Zanpaktou Shikai Name: Relinquish (has this been used before? O_o)
Zanpaktou Shikai Appearance: The blade gets longer by two inches and slightly thinner. The guard disappears.
Zanpaktou Shikai Abilities: The sword can summon dark energy around the blade, giving it more cutting force and speed (due to the lack of guard).
Zanpaktou Shikai Weakness(s): Its power is considerably weakened if exposed to bright light.

Zanpaktou Bankai Name:
Zanpaktou Bankai Appearance:
Zanpaktou Bankai Abilities:
Zanpaktou Bankai Weakness:


Hado: Cannot perform Hado

Bakudo: Cannot perform Bakudo

~Vizard Mask~

Mask Appearance: Extremely simple, black mask. It looks a lot like just an oval and has one red mark through the middle of it, running vertically.
Mask Abilities: His masks allows him to increase his speed.

Vizard / Hollow Abilities: None
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 11:34 am


Name: Nenchi Kageyama (first last) (Burning-Blood + Shadow-Darkness)
Age: Looks maybe 25, impossible to tell actual age. Around the 400 mark.
Gender: Male
Weaknesses: He is fast and has good striking power, but is not very physically strong; were he in a bladelock, for example, he'd lose pretty fast. He makes up for this with speed and intelligence.
Personality: Nenchi is intense, focused. He wants retribution for being cast out, even though he now believes himself superior to his shinigami self, by the 'fools' of the Central 46, but is more concerned with survival and the defeat of the hollows and arrancar, to the point where he'd willingly ally with shinigami if the situation demanded it.
Former Gotei 13 Division: Former fourth seat of Divison 13
History: Nenchi remembers nothing of his life before death, but afterwards, he was taken under the wing of the Vice Captain of Division 13, sponsored by him through the shinigami academy, at which he excelled. It was here that he met his wife-after-death, Aisu Hana, a fellow student, in his graduating class. Upn graduating with top marks, he chose a fire-type Kido Zanpakutou, Akaiyami, Red Darkness, while his recently-wed wife chose ice. They both joined the Gotei 13 in the 13th Division, and Nenchi eventually worked himself up to the rank of fourth seat. However, he was Hollowfied by a twisted, out-of-control experiment that he discovered by chance and became corrupted when he drew his sword to destroy it. His wife, discovering him shortly after in a twisted half-form, committed suicide on the spot, which drove Nenchi temporarily insane. he flew into a murderous rage, using his new power to destroy the area and kill everything that moved. After he calmed down, he was sickened by what he had become, and fled to Earth, where he met the other Vizards and learned to control his power, to use it to his advantage rather than the detriment.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Light brown, short
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Complexion: Tanned


Upper body: He wears a variation of the Shinigami uniform with swirling, curving scarlet patterns on it that originate from a symbol on his back and curve around his sides to swirl around his chest.
Mid Section: He wears a scarlet sash around his waist.
Lower body: Nothing visible since the uniform covers his legs.
Feet: Simple black shoes.
Markings/ Tattoos: He has an X shaped scar on the lower-back part of his left cheek, and has tattoos resembling the markings on his shirt on his arms, but black; they spread cross both arms and partway onto his chest and back, but are not as concentrated there.
Accessories: He wears a small silver chain with the image of a twisting flame on it tucked under his coat.


Zanpaktou Name: Akaiyami (Red Darkness)
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance: A tall, attractive woman with elegantly-cut long dark blond hair, dressed in the robes of a Shinigami captain.
Zanpaktou Sealed State Appearance: A black katana with red markings along the inside edge of the blade.

Zanpaktou Shikai Name: Akaiyami Nenshou (Red Burning Darkness)
Release Phrase: Burn for Injustice
Zanpaktou Shikai Appearance: It looks like a longer, wider black katana; it keeps the red markings, but the hilt reworks itself into the image of two dragons, a red and a black, intertwined in combat, the outer wing of each forming a handguard; the grip becomes wrapped in pure white wrappings, and the cap at the end of the grip becomes a black metal that is engraved with scarlet lines.
Zanpaktou Shikai Abilities: Akaiyami Nenshou is called such because of this ability: it stains the unknown red with the blood of those who met their end at its hands. It gives Nenchi the ability to cloak an area with maximum radius 100 meters in total darkness, obscuring sight, as well as hindering sound, for the darkness is tight-woven and partially blocks soundwaves; someone talking 5 feet from you would sound like they were whispering. He can only cloak one area at a time.
Zanpaktou Shikai Weakness(s): Well, for obvious reasons, pointless aganst blind people; it blocks Nenchi's sight, too, so he has to use the specific training he had to hit tem in the darkness. To offset this, he can place a scarlet marker on them; teh glow illuminates a small sliver of the surrounding area, helping them, but allows him to locate them much more easily. He can only cloak one area at a time.

Zanpaktou Bankai Name: {Name of the secondary release}
Zanpaktou Bankai Appearance: {Secondary release appearance –NOTE DO NOT FILL THIS IN UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE ADMINS}
Zanpaktou Bankai Abilities: {What is it able to do}
Zanpaktou Bankai Weakness: {Its weakness}


(I'm not really sure what to put here, may incude something at a later date.)

Hado: {List of Hado based kido}

Bakudo: {List of Bakudo based kido}

~Vizard Mask~

Mask Appearance: White, with thick black outlines around the right eye and thinner around the left; a dark cross from top to bottom, intersecting midway down his nose; this is intersected by a thinner scarlet X that intersects in the same spot, diagonally.
Mask Abilities: He becomes drastically faster, as well as slightly increasing his strength (nothing big).

Vizard / Hollow Abilities: He can use both Cero and Bala, but prefers Bala since it charges faster, thus being useful whenever he needs it.
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PostSubject: character profile   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat May 15, 2010 8:07 pm


Name: Hantoo Tamashii (true soul)
Age: 20 (appearance wise)
Gender: Male
Weaknesses: Due to his internal injury he can only take the strain of fighting for a maximum of 1 hour 15 minutes, and is easily taunted.
Personality: He is usually very laid back and easy going, likes to go with the flow of things, likes to fool around with friends, and hates to get out of his Gigai, he also does not take sides with either Shinigami OR Hollow, he fights for himself, he believes in survival of the fittest, and is also a strong believer in Karma. (Which means if he helps you, it isn't for you, it's for him)
Former Gotei 13 Division: 8th Division
History: Although he was in the 8th division working under Shunsui, he was not even strong enough to be given a seat, he was a weakling of a shinigami for most of his life, he felt as though something was holding him back until he finally met his inner hollow, the reason he was not powerful enough to make himself worthy, BUT when he finally defeated his inner hollow, he was banished for holding such power, and now holds tremendous hatred to those who shunned him when all he wanted to do was prove his worth.

Multiple times he failed tryng to defeat his inner hollow and had fought with his own captain on many occasions, the reason for his greatest weakness in battle is a failed assassination attempt, amazingly Shunsui did save him, but not soon enough as Hantoo was injured greatly before the rescue.


Picture: (Don't have a working scanner at the moment >.<)

Height: 5.11"
Weight: 11.4 stone (Don't know what that is in pounds)
Hair: Very dark purple, almost black, and all spiked to the left in a wild style (think black star from soul eater just more spikes and shorter)
Eyes: For some strange reason they are always yellow, as though he is always in Vizard form.
Complexion: Caucasian


Picture: (still no scanner :l)

Upper body: A simple black hooded jumper with a white shirt underneath.
Mid Section: He wears two belts, one that's just plain black leather used to hold his trousers up, the other one studded with silver spikes all over, which he wears because he thinks it looks cool.
Lower body:He wears dark gray slim fit jeans, with a hole torn on the right knee.
Feet: He wears some plain black and red skater shoes.
Markings/ Tattoos: He has one visible scar on the lower left side of his neck by the collar bone.
Accessories: He has 5 silver hoop piercings in his left ear.


Zanpaktou Name: Kinjimasu Jiyuu (Forbidden freedom).
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance: Just a blood red aura.
Zanpaktou Sealed State Appearance: A smaller Katana known as a Tachi.

Zanpaktou Shikai Name: "Unchain, Kinjimasu Jiyuu!"
Zanpaktou Shikai Appearance: A gauntlet that cover his left arm from shoulder to finger tip, covered in pitch black plates on armor, and in between the plates runs a blood red reiatsu.
Zanpaktou Shikai Abilities: It is capable of molding the reiatsu it releases into any shape of weapon e.g. he could be caught sword to sword with a shinigami, then shift it's shape to a scythe to stab him through the block.
Zanpaktou Shikai Weakness(s): Using this Zanpakutou saps the users blood slowly, the longer he uses it, the weaker he gets and the more his reflexes and senses dim.

Zanpaktou Bankai Name: He has not obtained it yet.
Zanpaktou Bankai Appearance: N/A
Zanpaktou Bankai Abilities: N/A
Zanpaktou Bankai Weakness: N/A


"PAH, who needs kido when you have the advantage of adversity in combat."

~Vizard Mask~

Mask Appearance: Smooth shape like ichigo's but with large horns, the whole of the mask except under the eyes and the horns is pure white, the rest is black.
Mask Abilities: has a much greater limit of the use of his zanpakutou.

Vizard / Hollow Abilities: Bala and Sonido
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