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PostSubject: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 7:15 am

Bounto sheet:

Eye color:
Distinguishing marks:
-Headwear: (if any)
-Upper body:
-Hand wear: (if any)
-Shoes: (if any)
Doll’s name:
Doll’s appearance:
Doll’s abilities:
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2009 12:31 pm


Name: Richter Kujen

Age: 341

Sex: Male

Appearance: Tall and muscular, but not enough to be considered a body builder. He looks like someone in his late teens to early twenties.

Hair: Blond and long, going down to the middle of his back. It is combed back so his bangs don't get in his face.

Eye color: Green

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 164lbs

Distinguishing marks: None

Headwear: None

Upper body: Wears a leather jacket that cuts off at the middle of his stomach. Underneath he wears light green shirt that he keeps tucked in.

Hand wear: A pair of gloves that doesn't cover his fingers, part of the back of his hands, and part of his palms.

Pants: A pair of gray pants. At his waist he wears a piece of light blue cloth that trails off giving the appearance of coat tails.

Shoes: A dark gray pair of shoes without laces.

Personality: Fairly calm and somewhat playful in combat. Tries to make a point not to waste a single move in a combat situation.

Likes: Walnuts, games, extreme temperatures.

Dislikes: Moderate temperatures, hard boiled eggs, limes.

Weakness: While at first his doll may seem overwhelming because of it being in two places at once, while it's split each individual part is only half as strong as the original. Additionally while they are separated they are weak against the other's elemental attack meaning the one who uses ice is more damaged by the one that uses fire and vice versa. By combining while the individual doll gets its maximum power Richter loses the advantage of it being a three on one fight. By focusing the doll down to a pair of gauntlets while to wear while Richter gets his highest attack power possible he makes it into a one on one fight.

Skills: He is skilled in hand to hand combat and is capable of thrusting his hands through people's bodies like it was a knife. While he doesn't use or shunpo his raw speed is high enough to make up for it combined with his doll's abilities.

Doll’s name: Zorn and Thorn

Doll’s appearance: It's seal is an artificial tooth in the back of his mouth. When activated it becomes two humanoid jester-like creatures with billowing cloaks. One is primarily red (Zorn) and the other is primarily blue(Thorn). The two are actually the same doll and as such have the same mind and tend to speak by finishing each other's sentences. The two can combine into a single doll that is a combination of their design.

Doll’s abilities: Richter and his doll are capable of instantaneously switching places with each other. When the doll is split in two it can also switch places with itself. This is not high speed movement. It is the three changing places in space.

Zorn makes use of ice based attacks while Thorn makes use of fire based attacks. The attacks are usually simple in nature such as blasts of ice and fire, darts of ice and fire, or walls of them. Since the two are human in shape they also make use of attacks like punches and kicks. Their arms can be condensed into blade-like structures

Each individual doll is only about half as powerful as a typical doll. That is because the two are the same doll and are separated which halves their power. The two can combine which adds their power together and creates a doll that can use both of their abilities that is as powerful as other dolls. At that point the doll becomes able to use an attack called Southern Cross where it combines its ice and fire abilities to fire a swirling beam of the two at its target. That doll can then be broken down into a pair of gauntlets for Richter to wear which adds their power to his and lets him use their abilities as his own. This lets him use a stronger version of Southern Cross called Northern Lights which is just a more powerful version of the older one.

History: Richter lived in France. There he lived a pretty normal life until he eventually was persecuted because of how he wouldn't age and he ran away. After living in solitude for several decades he eventually was approached by another bount who taught him how to acquire a doll. After doing so he started just wandering around for many years and eventually just started settling down in random towns where he'd live for a few years and then move again so people wouldn't catch onto his unique body. He continued this routine until this day.
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PostSubject: Bounto   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 9:22 am

Name: Jacques Crow

Age: 1054 looks to be in his 20s

Sex: Male

Appearance: how his face is gonna look and yes i love the tattoos.

Eye color: He has no right eye becuase it was taken out long ago becuase of a sword slash.In it's place is a silver daimond.And his left eye is blue.

Height: 5,7

Weight: 154

Distinguishing marks: Tattoos on his face.Daimond in his eye.The 2 gold rings in his ears.

Headwear: none

Upper body: Has a jacket hoody with a large grey X on the back and fur around the hood.Underneath his jacket is a black t-shirt

Hand wear: Black leather gloves.Has arm wraps around his arms.

Pants: Blue baggy jeans

Shoes: Has red and black sneakers.

Personality: Jacques is fun to hang around with.He is one of your freinds who would never do work first and always find an excuse before doing what needs ro be done.Hates being aroudn serious people becuase then he feels like nhe has to get work done.Also only does things for the excitement.It can't be easy little things it has to be big things where there would be a chance where if you fail something bad would happen.

Likes: Having fun,shrugging off his responsibiltys.The excitement of winning.

Dislikes: serious people. Mindless killing

Weakness: Blind on his right side.The doll uses his concentration so he has to stay in one place to make the doll attack.When he's moving around the doll does not attack.

Skills: Good with talking,Social,Thief.

Doll’s name: Dahlie

Doll’s appearance: A floating gaint daimond boulder with 3 dots in the middle. has 10 different smaller floating versions of it around it

Doll’s abilities: The doll seperates and becomes raining daimond bullets.Also can form a protective shield.

History: Jacques was a orphen when he was a child becuase his parents where killed by bandits.He wandered from village to village starving.But he was different.He could see souls of dead everywhere he went.He tried telling people but he was beaten alot for saying this.He stole as a child for food,drinks,and money.Never taking too much always making sure it was enough for him to live.But then one day he was caught.He was beaten and thrown into prison.Then the next day they were going to cut off his hands for stealing.When the sword was swung towerd his arm he was scared and closed his eyes.The next thing he knows he wasn't held by anyone.So he opened his eyes and saw that there was a gaint daimond floating and it had protected him.The others ran away afraid of what they had seen so he made sure to run off.But then he was stopped by a shinigami who had seen what happened and he explained to Jacques He followed the man who had shown him the bounto settlement.He began to live there happily for the short amount of time he was there.He thought it would last forever and was gonna be happy but he was still a child then.Then one day the man who showed him the way there was killing off his fellow bountos with other shinigami.Fleeing and becomeing enraged he spent a few years trying to find a meanig to life again.Stealing what he could find it still didn't make him any better.Then hearing the other bountos plans to go to war to enter sould society he joined it without any hesitation.Finding the man in battle who betrayed him he managed to kill him but lost his eye and was severly injured.He would have died but was saved by Alric Clovis.He left Clovis and begin to take what he want never feeling any attachment to anything again.Over the years he became known for being a thief always going by different names.People that don't know the secret of him thing that his family is a family of expert thieves but only the bountos know that he has been stealing all these years.Now he goes by the name of Fantome.No one knows what the thief really looks like.
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PostSubject: Luthias Heim   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 6:18 am

Bounto sheet:
Name: Luthias Heim.

Age: 1309

Sex: Male

Hair: Soft and orange-yellow
Eye color: Light-brown
Height: 6,2 ft // 188 cm
Weight: 176 kg
Distinguishing marks: None

Headwear: Nothing
Upper body: A blue-grey thin long-armed shirt with a long black coat. He also has a grey scarf around his neck.
Hand wear: black gloves.
Pants: Average black pants.
Shoes: Black shoes.

Personality: He often goes to the park, just to stand there and listen to the wind passing by. He likes to just walk around and watch the people in the town he lives in. Children playing, couples in love, families and friends. Those things many people take for granted is what Luthias treasures. He always wants to help, and never wants to hurt anyone, even his worst enemies.

Likes: He likes mostly anything, from the earth to people. He even likes hollows as long as they don't kill and slay other souls.

Dislikes: There are few things he does not like. Hate, anger, things that can make a person hurt another. Besides from that, the only thing he dislikes is seafood.

Weakness: The doll, Alarice has no special abilities whatsoever besides copying the opponents abilities. Since Alarice only copies when it is attacked, a person would easily be able to trick it by making it believe no one is attacking, then finish it when the doll is defenseless. It takes a couple of seconds between the transformation.

Skills: Luthias has a slight comprehension of martial arts, but besides that he is not a fighter. He is a knowledgeable man who would rather end a fight with words rather then with his fists.

Doll’s name: Alarice
Doll’s appearance: The doll, literally is a doll, or a manikin to be exact. The manikin has no face, and no clothes or anything human whatsoever besides some beautiful long hair that seems to belong to a beautiful young woman.
Doll’s abilities: The lifeless doll does at first seem to have no abilities whatsoever, but that perception of the doll will change immediately as it or Luthias is attacked. When attacked, the doll will mirror its opponents movements. It will grow an appearance similar to the one of the opponent, it will even copy the abilities of person attacking it.

History: Luthias grew up in a small village where he, aged much slower then most others. Many people believed he was blessed with long life, while some believed he was a curse to the village and wanted him away. When he was around the age of 26 years old, he met a girl around his same age. A beautiful young woman that didn't bother about him being a lot older then he looked like. They quickly fell in love, but it did not last for long.

One day, a group of people who didn't like Luthias wanted to kill him, they were afraid of what they didn't understand. When attacking Luthias they accidentally ended up killing the girl he loved. Luthias anger exploded and he sucked their souls out by. This was just an accident, Luthias was scared when he saw the remaining dust and the clothes of the people whom tried to kill him. He ran away from the town never to return again, he was afraid to hurt more people. He hid himself from others, and slowly grew up. Many centuries passed, and Luthias had eventually come to a country known as Japan. The place was filled with people like him, and many other spiritual creatures. He wondered if he would be able to find any answers to what was going on, what he was, why he was like that. So for many years he kept searching for someone that could tell him.

One day he met an old man, the man was the same as Luthias, he was apparently even from the same village that Luthias came from, just several hundred years older. Luthias was obviously surprised when he found out the real age of the man, and learned that people like them, Bounto, are immortal, blessed with eternal life... Or cursed.

Now having learned what he was, he wanted the old man to teach him what a Bounto was, about their history. The old man agreed, and thought him how to materialize his doll. Luthias was surprised when he saw that the doll resembled the woman he once loved so many years ago. He named the doll after her, "Alarice", and decided that he would use the dolls powers to defend, and never to hurt. If he ever got into a fight, he would not fight back unless the opponent wasn't attacking him or Alarice.

Many more decades passed, and the world changed rapidly. Bigger buildings, more and more technology. People created cars and drove around instead of walking, everything was so much more... simple, yet...

Luthias did not like the changes, and how it ruined the beautiful air. Since he had been able to see how it used to be so many years ago... He did not like the changes. But being so old, he could understand how the human mind worked. He tried to adjust to the new lifestyle little by little.
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PostSubject: Tanaka, Akihiro   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2009 9:31 pm

Name: Tanaka, Akihiro

Age: Nine-hundred years old, appears twenty.

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Half Japanese and half German. Caucasian.

Race: Bount

Height: Six-foot even.

Weight: Two-hundred pounds.

Appearance: Although Akihiro is half Japanese, he almost looks American aside from his large muscular physique. This ultimately comes from his German heritage. Mostly all of Akihiro's weight is consistent with his muscle mass, which shows itself with deep undertones on his arms, torso, and legs. Although the Bount is relatively made of muscle, he has astonishing speed, able to keep up with the fastest supernatural entity. Akihiro's black hair is always kept a neatly trimmed military style haircut.

Accentuating with his dark hair color, Akihiro has deep emerald hues, darker than most greens. For facial hair, the seemingly young man has a full beard that stretches from his sideburns and forms into a mustache. Really overall, Akihiro has no bodily hair aside from his facial and that which resides atop his cranium.

Clothing wise, Akihiro normally wears loose-fitting clothes for combat purposes. Mostly he'll wear various muscle shirts along with a pair of black jeans. Over his feet are usually black and white tennis shoes made for skateboarding, finding they give him more of a stable footing while fighting. Accessory wise, Akihiro wears a gold ring, signifying he was probably engaged a long time ago.

Likes: Akihiro doesn't really seem to enjoy anything but battle. This is partly because of his past. The Bount more or less has a death wish, considering his past. Overall, the only thing Akihiro has a liking for is combat.

Dislikes: Honestly, there are few things that Akihiro dislikes or hates. Mostly people that are cruel to others fall into this category. When viewing someone bending the rules for their own personal gain, Akihiro will put a stop to it in a hurry. Also, when seeing someone unnecessarily harming another, Akihiro usually stands up for the weaker opposition. Overall, Akihiro just dislikes annoying, mean, and obnoxious people.

Personality: Because of his long life and witnessing death more so than anything, Akihiro is a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the thought of having a family and settling down. Rarely the Bount will show any emotion at all, but is fairly tolerable to be around. Although Akihiro will not call someone a friend, his actions speak for him in that department.

Strengths: Because of his size, Akihiro himself has massive physical strength and endurance. Usually when not having Ungeheuer fight with him, he'll rely on striking and blocking immediately. Even though Akihiro is incredibly strong, he tries not to use his full strength, commenting and saying that it's too much for one person to handle.

Weaknesses: Since Akihiro is a large man, he doesn't fully rely on speed in battle. And because of this fact, it is one of his weaknesses. Just about anyone faster than him can run in, hit, and run out to avoid any of his own strikes.

Abilities: The following is a compromised list of Akihiro's Bount abilities.

Empowerment: By taking the souls of living humans, Bounts gain unique abilities.

Immortality: By absorbing human souls, a Bount can live forever. When they absorb human souls, they gain eternal life.

Soul Absorption: Bounts nomrally try to absorb the human's soul after the person dies and is trying to pass on. But they are also capable of taking the souls of those who are living, to do so kills the human.

Release Call: Zeige Dich, "Show yourself".

Doll's Name: Ungeheuer, "Ogre".

Doll's Appearance: Appearance wise, Ungeheuer takes the appearance of a steel clad, "demonic" armadillo. Large spikes protrude from Ungeheuer's back aswell as sharp fangs coming from the mouth. While in its sealed state appearance, Akihiro's doll is in the form of a silver wrist watch.

Doll's Abilities: Ungeheuer is able to produce a static charge. Once enough electricity is gathered within the dolls mouth, it fires like a Cero. The only difference from an actual Cero is that Ungeheuer's can temporarily stun an opponent. Overall, Akihiro's doll is able to generate and manipulate electricity.

Once Ungeheuer is fused with Akihiro, the Bount gains silver and onyx Samurai armor. In his left hand Akihiro now wields a two-handed Nodachi blade. Besides getting an increase in power, Akihiro is now able to use Ungeheuer's electric generation and manipulation for himself.

History: A long time ago, Akihiro was actually engaged to a beautiful woman. After realizing that he would never age, he figured it'd be best for the both of them if he ran away. Because of this, all his life he swore he would never love another woman as long as he lived. Upon regretting his decision after some time, Akihiro started training himself and starting unnecessary fights just to see if the opponent could kill him so he may be reunited with his loved one. As more time passed, Akihiro just decided to fight for those who were weaker than himself, figuring his fiance would approve of this rather than killing people for no reason.
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PostSubject: Character Submission :D   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2009 10:36 pm

Name: Julian Illiad

Age: 619 appears to be 19

Sex: Male

Appearance: He looks like this. HE is very attractive to both sexes and attracted to both, but male is what he prefers.

Hair: light blonde

Eye color: Yellow

Height: 5'5

Weight: 145 lb

Distinguishing marks: none

Headwear: He keeps his hodd on most of the time, and rarely takes it off.

Upper body: He wears a small collar around his neck.

Hand wear: He wears a leather wrist band on his left wrist, and a bracelet ont the right.

Pants: He wears white pants that are shredded in some areas. His left thigh and his right shin. He also has leather straps, that are held in them wirth screws. He also has random screws that adorn his pants. They are tight and form fitting.

Shoes: black and white fur linned sneakers.

Personality: He's very quite, and often alone. He's shy, but he doesn't seem that way at first glance. He avoids people, because they would always make fun of him for his tail. Yet he's very protective of things he cares about. People, objects, but espcially his doll.

Likes: Cats, swimming (ironically), playing with small things, sharp objects, and shiny things.

Dislikes: dull things, people pulling on his tail, people making fun him, his cat naps interupted.

Weakness: When people pull on his tail, he freezes, grabs it in pain. It sends signals to his brain that right now, his tail is the only thing that matters in the world.

Skills: He's and expert in Northern Kajukenbo style of kung-fu, which is a pretty form of street fighting. He is also an expert at aiming. He can throw small objects and hit things from at least two miles away. He carries around small packs of Senbon for this skill, and they aim with deadly precision. HE also makes a wonderful thief.

Doll’s name: Evrett

Doll’s appearance: Evrett as the form of the collar around Julian's neck. But when Julian takes it off, the pendant glows a deep blue, and water starts to come from it, making the shape of a large water lion. It's eyes glow a bright white, they pendant in the middle of his head.

Doll’s abilities: Evrett can increase the density and the speed of the water, allowing him to slice through even the toughest of objects. If it gets hurt, it repairs it's self with water that leaks from the pendant. The pendant sucks out the energy from nearby objects so Evrett may heal.

When Evrett and Juilan combine powers, Evrett jumps into Julian, the collar around his neck once again. Julians nails on his hands lengthen, his teeth become fans, and his eyes become fierce. When he is hit, the attack takes out a part of him, but there is no blood or wound. There is just a lack of water, which then precedes to hela Julian. Julian pretty much became a moving water statue. He also gains Evrett's ability where he can make water come from his claws, and slice through any object.

History: Julian had a hard life. When he was born a bount, the oddity was his tail. His parents had tried hiding it under baggy clothing, and it worked for awhile. Until one day, Julian was being picked on by the local bully, and he lost his large over coat, and his tail was revealed. Everyone was shocked, interested, and disgusted. The bully had laughed at him. And he just kept laughing at him, calling him a freak. Soon others joined in, and things were thrown at him. Julian ran home, only to find that his parents left him. He cried,for a long time. Tears kept streaming from his face, and the tears formed a small collar on the ground. When the collar spoke to him, he looked up and found a large water tiger staring at him. It told him everything was going to be okay, and that it knew a place where people like him would accept him.

When Evrett led him to where the other Bounto's and he was happy again. People didn't make fun of him for his tail, and they tought him many things. They tought him that he was also a bounto, and that he was immortal. He grew and practiced with Evrett, and soon he became a formidable opponent. He believed that the He didn't need the Shinigami, or anybody for that matter. So when the Shinigami were going to move them, and they attacked instead. He fought, or at least he wanted to. Evrett told him not to go, or he would lose his life.

Julian listened to his doll, and left. He wanders around now in the human world, and the Soul Society, wandering and looking for someone to live with. He doesn't necassarily hate the Shinigami, he just dislikes their comapany. So he tries to make friends with them as well.[left]
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 15, 2010 12:04 am

Name: Wolfgang Stürmer
Age: 817
Sex: Male
Hair: His hair color changes regularly due to his obsession with dying it. His true hair color is black.
Eye color: A dark red that could almost be mistaken for brown.
Height: 6'11
Weight: 288 lbs
Distinguishing marks: Tribal tattoos on his arms and legs.
Clothing: (shown in picture)
-Headwear: Wolfgang occasionally wears head-bands.
-Hand wear: Black tape wrapped around his hands.
-Shoes: Black leather shoes.
Personality: A self confessed liar and a cheater, Wolfgang is slippery and cautious. Preferring to try and manipulate the battle by having things set up to help him pull out a victory. When things don't go as planned then he resorts to using his Doll, preferring to have spars with his opponent using his fists and wits rather then just resorting to his Doll all the time.
Likes: Smells and often writes in his diary at great details over what smells he has picked up on during the day.
Dislikes: Things not going as planned or people not playing by his rules.
Weakness: Wolfgang's weakness is fire due to his Doll's powers focusing around oil and fuel, which are both flammable.
Skills: Basic Bount Skills plus master in eastern and western sword styles.
Doll’s name: Nessie
Doll’s appearance: When sealed his Doll is a small exhaust pipe that can easily be stowed in his pocket or carried. When released it forms into a metallic plesiosaur roughly a little taller then him with exhaust pipes and faucets coming out of it. His Doll can also form into a zweihander with a hilt similar to a car engine in appearance and has a spiky chain around the actual blade that moves constantly after the Doll, in it's weapon form, is shaken thrice in succession.
Doll’s abilities: When released it has the ability to instantly release and control the oil it creates within it's body. It can form different shapes with the oil and can even change the temperature of it. It's body can only control 50 litres of oil at a time, it's body can hold a total of 200 litres at a time. During it's weapon form it can spurt out super heated oil from the exhaust pipes at it's hilt.
History: Wolfgang's memories before becoming a Bount are unclear and messy. all he can recall is beatings, pain, being used and fighting. But when he became a Bount he was happier, finding people he could agree with and get along. When Wolfgang got his Doll Nessie he used it to terrorize the humans he had loathed from his inner memories that refused to surface. As he got older he learned and grew in maturity he become more aware of everything and eventually became more relaxed with his life but still wishes to kill humans.
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PostSubject: Re: CHARACTER SHEET   CHARACTER SHEET I_icon_minitime

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