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 A Grand Manifesto

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PostSubject: A Grand Manifesto   A Grand Manifesto I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2009 9:58 pm

An investigative shinigami based around detective work that had been secretly observing Pluto's activity for some time showed up with a rather urgent message 2 weeks previously, stating that he believed Pluto intended to single handedly bring about a great cataclysm. Of course, the shinigami was disregarded, being just a low ranking shinigami, not of any real standing. He was only allowed to investigate Pluto due to his apparent uselessness everywhere else and was entirely disbelieved for the course of a week.

However, things were viewed in a new light when mysterious events began taking place. Hollows began grouping to areas in large masses and simply vanishing. They would fly into an area but would not come out. Shinigami were sent to investigate the strange happenings but found nothing at first. After it had happened a few times more however, a feeling of severe dread could be felt, a depression and great sadness, an overwhelming fear. Negative emotion seemed to be hanging about the areas the hollows disappeared like an aura, falling onto those that entered and causing them to slowly lose morale.

Eventually, concrete evidence was found that linked Pluto to the disappearances. The culprit was caught int he act. The hollows that vanished were all devoured by Pluto, and the cause of the negative emotions left behind was simply the remnants of Pluto's energy lingering in the air.

It became clear that the shinigami that had previously informed the gotei 13 of his activity was onto something after all and he had not just been inventing stories to make himself seem important. It was quite suddenly realized that Pluto was in fact a major threat. Realizing that people that would intrude with his plans were onto him he discarded his secrecy and subtlety. Ideally he would have amassed more power by devouring hollows but he knew he no longer had that luxury with the gotei 13 hot on his heels.

Instead, Pluto struck out against the world, his negative emotion enveloping the planet and his black energy crashing into the earth and latching onto a major city, surrounding it in darkness which slowly spreads across the world. Within the city, Pluto resides and casually judges the planet before him. He declares his manifesto, his declaration of war against the planet. As a martyred priest he knows nothing but the hatred and anger harbored within the world and believes the only way to purify the planet's irrevocably lost souls is to destroy everything. He has lived by the belief that if god giveth then he can taketh away. In the absence of a god to do what he believes is correct Pluto has himself claimed a godhood and in the place of a higher power attempts to wreak his vengeance upon the world and rip the planet apart.

In order to preserve life the races must rally against him and his minions, born of the darkness of the souls shrouded in his black energy. His generals, nothing more than shadows of himself rise to fend off attackers and defend his makeshift holyland as he tries to strike his finishing blow.
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A Grand Manifesto
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